Utterly and totally reprehensible

I don’t believe it! Its disgraceful. Utterly and totally reprehensible.

Mate and I. Last night. Together. All night! Well, until about half four in the morning anyway.
Doing stuff. On the bloody infernal machine.

And anyone who thought this was going in another direction just has a filthy mind. That’s all I have to say about that! Should be ashamed of yourself.

There we were then, bashing away at the infernal machine, doing website type stuff… and stuff. And other stuff. Nowt more to say about any of that at the mo’ however so no point in asking. Though it may have been something to do with this. Conceivably. Heh heh

But it was horrendous. Having to think. And make decisions. And sorting stuff out. And coding. And… and… and… well, then my brain started hurting. And we were struggling to stay awake.

Though at least we had a virtually endless supply of… er… “special” coffee to help keep us going. And nibbles. Plenty of nibbles of course. Sausage rolls, an’ scotch eggs, an’ some pretty disgusting bacon-tasting wheat thingies the taste of which seemed to linger for hours and hours afterwards. Ugh!

Just as well we had the special coffee to wash it away really.

However, throughout it all I was conscious that I also had other tasks I really should have been getting on with. Like, for example, some stuff I needed to write for another blog about the [whisper]General Election[/whisper], complete with a coupla pics etc… that were still on the memory card in the camera!

And talking of being still on the memory card, there was another little batch of pics on there as well. Ones that I was really eager to get to grips with.

On Bedford streets P1030940

Mainly cos I’d been experimenting with a completely different way of taking the sort of pics I’d been after, and was intrigued to see how well it had worked.

On Bedford streets P1030941

Um… when I say “completely different way” I was of course still using a camera. So I guess it wasn’t that different. Not really. But it was certainly different in… er… how I was using the camera. Heh heh

On Bedford streets P1030944

Which I may or may not reveal at some future point… depending on how the mood takes me.

Anyway, today (that is… um… Thursday; I think!) I finally managed to get around to these little jobbies. After having snuck in a coupla hours of much-needed sleep following my eventually managing to kick mate out onto the doorstep.

And, as if you needed telling, the pics accompanying this post are the fruits of my little experimenting.

On Bedford streets P1030942

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Occasional photographer; occasional writer/blogger; occasional activist; occasional computer-geek. Bit of a fool really.
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12 Responses to Utterly and totally reprehensible

  1. technogran says:

    You mean you’ve been experimenting with having half an arm at the side of the shot (with of course the obligatory attached hand) and half a person or three quarters of a pram. Those sort of shots are copyright to me I’m sorry to say, so you will have to try some other new technique.

    • fotdmike says:

      Hmm. Well. maybe I haven’t quite refined it enough yet. Like tilting the camera a bit or something.
      But hey, “street photography” is all the thing nowadays. Everyone’s doing it. Convert the pics to b/w, tart them up a bit, and then you can flog ’em as “fine art photography”. Even better if you can get them a bit blurred. Though I dismally failed on that. Clearly not quite drunk enough.

  2. technogran1 says:

    I’ll have to try this if it’s the new thing! I’ll go on a street photo shoot today! (actually Mike I’m always a bit wary of shooting people in case they don’t want a photo taken. I was once taking a picture of our local park (the toddlers area) and the mother refused me permission to take the snap. I did understand though, its dodgy when there are children involved, but do you ask the people in the shot if they mind?)

    • fotdmike says:

      Ah… if we’re gonna get serious about this it touches on a whole load of issues!
      First things first though. I have (and always have had so it seems) a deep reluctance to take random pics of people… I have this bizarre sense that in some way its intruding on their personal space. Which is a bit strange considering I do precisely that when I’m photographing protests and suchlike. But in those circumstances it doesn’t “feel” the same somehow, and I have no qualms about it at all.
      Maybe cos that’s one of the occasions when I have my “professional hat” on.

      No, where my reluctance really kicks in is with that genre known as “street photography”. Its something I’ve tried to get to grips with, to overcome, yet I’m still not totally comfortable with it.
      And if I do take pics of people then very often (at least until fairly recently) I’ll try to either take them from a rear view or in some other way that the folk are relatively unidentifiable.

      Well, that’s the first thing out of the way. Kids next. Under most circumstances I go to great lengths to avoid taking pics of kids, even to the extent of obviously and visibly pointing my camera groundwards whenever there are lots of kids around.
      Sadly we live in a climate (fostered largely by the mainstream media and their scare-mongering I do suspect) where there seems to be a huge paranoia about photographers taking pics of kids. Fears of paedophilia and all that. To my mind its complete rubbish but it makes perfect sense to avoid any possible confrontations by bowing to the public fears. Unfortunately.

      Which leads us neatly onto the question of permission. The seeking thereof. Not necessarily for taking pics of children, but of anyone. As I understand it the whole point of “street photography” is that its spontaneous and “candid”. Which is to say that the subject(s) should be unaware they’re being photographed.
      For once permission’s sought then, no matter how casual the subject may try to be they are then of course aware of the camera and that awareness will almost inevitably modify their posture, expression, whatever.

      And now there may be yet another issue to consider… the proposed new code coming out of the Information Commissioner’s Office that could actually “prohibit photography in public places where anyone who’s in the photograph might be unhappy about being photographed” (see this, about two-thirds down the article under the heading “The ICO code : put that camera away, my face is private”).

      All that said however, I still find there’s some sort of weird attraction about street photography, and in future it’ll likely figure much larger in my “repertoire” than has been the case up until now.

  3. technogran1 says:

    Hmm, food for thought indeed! With the subject of children it was why I asked the Mum if it was alright. Its also because I know most of my shots will end up either featuring in my blog or on Flickr or SkyDrive (and occasionally on Picasa as well)
    Trouble is I find it very hard not to incorporate other people if you are doing shot of say a place you have visited. I don’t feel guilty if they have their backs to the camera and I agree with you that as soon as they know they are being ‘taken’ it is no longer spontaneous.

  4. technogran1 says:

    Now done a blog about the one’s I have ‘converted’ into black and white street shots. here at my other blog http://technogran1.wordpress.com also put them up on flickr. None were originally meant to be anything like, they are originally coloures photos taken of various towns and cities we have paid a visit to in the past.
    Of course my bumbling efforts are just that, a amaturish attempt at trying to look as if I know what I’m doing. (and blatant copying of you of course.) Using only my previous even cheaper Samsung camera and a free editing program.

  5. forkboy says:

    And here I was thinking that “Mike” and “street photography” meant you’d be laying about in the high street.

  6. technogran1 says:

    You are joking! 😉 At my age and with my creaky knees I’d never get up!

    • technogran1 says:

      Sorry my bad forkboy, you weren’t actually talking to me here were you? Kindly ignore the last comment as coming from a senile elderly idiot and carry on. (If I had that blushing emoticon at my disposal right now it would be added right about here……

  7. technogran1 says:

    Oh thank goodness! I can continue with my usual ramblings and uncomprehensible comments then! Phew!

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