Kinda related

This has nothing whatsoever to do with photography… though it does have something to do with images. So its kinda related in a weird sort of way.

Digital art to be precise. Fractals to be even more precise. Generated using a computer I do believe.

Now I kind of quite like digital art. Long before I was sucked into digital photography in fact.
Some digital art more than others of course.

Well, years ago (I forget how many, but prob’ly about six or seven) I stumbled across this ‘ere website that was offering some absolutely fantastic digital art free as desktop wallpaper and wotnot.
So I grabbed me a load. And still use one of the images (a work titled “lady fantasy”) as wallpaper on my main laptop. Its super. In fact, here’s a bit of a screengrab of it…

Having spent so much time in bed this past day I’ve practically exhausted all potential for sleep. Until the next energy drain from this damned irritating lurgy seizes me of course.
So with a bit of time to kill I decided to visit that site once again. See if its still online; see if there’s any new stuff; and just enjoy what is there.

Hmm. Looks as though the site’s had a total revamp. Not much in the way of freebies any longer. Or static wallpapers for that matter.
Though there is a sort of “Free Wallpaper of the Week” offer.

The rest of it seems to be screensavers (er… “animations”) now. And they ain’t free. But boy are they something to look at. And hell, they ain’t that expensive either. Just under seven quid per animation, for which you get a full screen HD screensaver, video wallpaper, animated iPhone wallpaper, and desktop wallpaper. Bargain!

The artist (apparently some Turkish guy named Serdar Camlica) is truly a genius. Well, in my opinion anyway. Here’s a bit of what he says about his stuff:

3dfiction artworks are created in digital space but has psychological, social, cultural, natural and imaginative expressions. At this point, the best advantage of digital space for the artist and art lovers is that it is independent from cultural and geographic boundaries. Although 3dfiction artworks, designs and digital codes are created by Serdar Camlica, 3dfiction means much more than the portfolio of an artist and stands alone as the interaction between art lovers and the artist, independent from an individual

So if you want to lose yourself for a while in an orgy of digital art check out

(Right down the bottom of the page there’s a few links to some other choice digital art sites as well!)

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3 Responses to Kinda related

  1. forkboy says:

    Anxious to check out the site, so I will.

    Of course, it begs the question “Is this Art”? But I don’t think I’m ready for that sort of thing.

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