The Bear’s gone all HiTech

There’s some sort of strange thing lurking under the bar at The Bear! Only recently appeared there too.

Strange things at The Bear P1030413

“What is it?” I ask myself.

“Some sort of explosive device, planted there by mate as part of his cunning plan to worm his way out of doing more work?” (Or even some work!)

Bit drastic, I woulda thought. Though you’ve gotta admire his initiative.

But apparently not. Looks as though The Bear’s gone all HiTech. Seems its some sort of device to monitor the flow of beer to the pumps, and how much is dispensed.
And then transmits that data to… ah yes, well, that’s the big question.

“To where?” we ask ourselves.

Now mate regards this with deep suspicion and, not wanting to put it too strongly, loathing. Sees it as yet another example of Big Brother intruding into our lives.

Whereas me, I’m tending to be somewhat less alarmist (complacent, you might almost say) and view it as just a more sophisticated form of stock control.

But, I have to confess, it does raise another, more concerning, question… “Where will it all end?”

So, as my contribution to help in exposing this dastardly scheme for controlling every aspect of our lives (cos we all know that monitoring’s just one step away from control, don’t we?), well, I just had to take some pics didn’t I?


Strange things at The Bear P1030410

Strange things at The Bear P1030414

Strange things at The Bear P1030417

Update 28.03.10 22:50hrs Been doing a bit of research into this in light of mate’s concerns. More info here! Seems to me its yet another example of playing to the contemporary trend of allowing accountants to have undue influence over how businesses are run. Yeah. Well. The less I say about that the better prob’ly.

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3 Responses to The Bear’s gone all HiTech

  1. fotddarren says:

    The thing that most disturbs me, isn’t so much that they are there, it’s the fact the boss said nowt about them, he just quietly had them installed, in fact he still hasn’t mentioned them and the woman who wants to be boss told me (not that I listen to her, she full of crap most of the time) they register how much beer gets poured and then it should tally with the takings at the end of the day, problem is the tills aren’t connected to anything and we sell lots of other stuff too, so how the hell are they supposed to tally, can’t see them being very effective if that’s the case.

    • fotdmike says:

      Damn sneaky I call it. And the troll’s clearly talking out the back of her neck. Sounds like she’s just trying to stir things. As usual.

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