Sometimes I just hate my bloody uselessness

Continuing with the Rushden stuff

Finally having had a sufficiency of St Mary’s Church, mate and I saunter slowly across the way toward Hall Park, stopping only occasionally to grab the odd pic here and there. Goes without saying really.

Main entrance to the Park is gated and, it has to be confessed, didn’t look particularly exciting. But hey, it is a Park and there’s bound to be something worth snapping therein. Isn’t there?

Hall Park, Rushden _G103495

Yeah, of course there is. Surely.

Making our entry we wander along the driveway a bit, crossing over a small bridge that’s spanning a brook.

Hall Park, Rushden _G103502

And there, to either side of us…


Admittedly not very extensive woodland. Not stretching for miles an’ miles sort of thing. Not even a few miles. Measurable more in hundreds of yards prob’ly. But woodland nevertheless. And boy, what woodland!
Though the first thing that held our attention was that brook.

Hall Park, Rushden _G103520

Super… apart from the litter, discarded shopping trolleys and the like.

Seems to me that whenever I’m off on my photo walkabouts I always manage somehow to stumble across an abundance of rubbish. And I’m not, for once, referring to my pics!
Why is this? What is it with people that they just chuck their trash around all over the place, without thought of others or even of their own surroundings? Worse than animals, the lot of them. Scum of the earth. Chavs prob’ly. If I had my way I’d… well, you don’t wanna know what I’d do to ’em. But it ain’t nice!

Well, this occasion I wasn’t really in the mood for taking pics of other peoples’ leavings so tried to ignore it all as best I could, though it proved mighty difficult sometimes.

Managing (eventually) to tear ourselves away from the attractions of the brook our attention then wanders to that of the woodland itself.
Two things strike me about it straight away… its peacefulness and its age.
I’ve no real idea how old the place actually is; how old the trees and stuff are sort of thing; but I just had the sense of great age.
And then there’s the peacefulness; a quiet tranquility, a sense of being completely apart from the mundane; a world of its own. A place you could easily visit just to settle down and meditate or something. Brilliant! This despite a relatively busy road being almost within a stone’s throw!

Another thing I really liked about it was its naturalness. No carefully planned and laid pathways such as there were in Salcey Forest that I visited a few weeks back. And in fact in far too many country parks and suchlike. They’re just too well managed. Yet another example of our species determined to control everything, and assert our will. Its all a load of bollocks really. Sometimes I think we just need to be put down.
Anyway, by appearance at least no planned planting of trees or other things. Everything seeming to be in a completely natural state, such paths as existed being those worn solely by the repeated passage of feet through undergrowth. Lovely!

Hall Park, Rushden _G103522

We probably spent far more time there than its size warranted. And likely would have stayed longer still had not the urge to explore more of the Park seized us.

Back to the main driveway then… and what’s that we see peeking through the trees there?

Rushden Hall, Northants _G103610

Gotta be Rushden Hall.
Not a stately home as such, but an impressive structure nevertheless.
Don’t think anyone still resides there. Shame really, cos it looks the sort of place that needs to be lived in. And conjured up all sorts of strange and unfathomable thoughts/images in my mind.

Rushden Hall, Northants _G103535

So we have a mooch around its precincts a bit, doing the usual stunt of photographing from every conceivable angle (and some angles that prob’ly aren’t conceivable!) and once again I speculate how much t’other mate would absolutely love this place. And I’m gonna have a real whale of a time winding him up about what he’s missed. Heh heh.

Eventually we move on past the Hall to investigate what else lies further ahead.
Bunch of open parkland by the look of it. Certainly there’s a huge expanse of it facing the Hall, and little other on it to attract our attention than a quite interestingly shaped tree.

Hall Park, Rushden _G103566

Move along a bit then and, after some sort of walled enclosure (a space we guess is set aside for the erection of marquees and things cos apparently the Hall can be hired for functions and stuff) guarded over by the now ubiquitous CCTV (curse this surveillance society we live in) we come to… a kid’s playing field!

Hall Park, Rushden _G103571

Whereon is one of the most fascinating climbing frame type thingies I’ve ever seen. Gotta grab a few pics of that then. Particularly as mate decides to make a right silly arse of himself investigating its climbing potential.

Hall Park, Rushden _G103588

The fascination with that particular game doesn’t last too long though so, grabbing yet more shots of the Hall as we return past it, we find ourselves back in the woodland. But this time on the other side of the driveway to that which we first explored.

And this side proves just as interesting… apart from a little sort of “hideaway” we found in amongst a small cluster of trees that smelled nose-pinchingly strongly of… er… CAT!!! Ugh!
And mate of course, inadvertently discovering the patch that reeked the most, just had to go and kneel in it, didn’t he.

Um… I think that’s how he discovered it actually. Heh heh.

A bit more casting around at random and we find ourselves back by the side of the little brook… t’other end of it this time. Where there’s some fascinating… er… grating.

Hall Park, Rushden _G103632

(Did I just say “fascinating grating”? I must need my head seeing to.)

Following the brook’s course back toward the bridge we come across some fallen trunks and stuff, tree stumps, and fungus. Of which, naturally, we just have to take some pics.

The taking of which which brings us pretty close to the ground. Where we spy… a bumble bee!
Wow! Yippee! And similar such expressions of joy. Cos I do so love them little creatures. And I don’t have anywhere near enough pics of ’em. Nowhere near. Doubt I ever will have. Oh glee!

Hall Park, Rushden _G103641

However, its not too long before it becomes apparent that this poor little fellah was ailing somewhat. Not moving very far, and not very fast. In fact, hardly at all. Lacking what you might call “buzz” sorta thing.

And I haven’t felt so bloody damned useless for a long long time. So cursedly inadequate.
Cos I really did wanna help him. To ease his suffering somehow. And I just didn’t know what the hell to do. Wanted to pick him up and comfort him, but guessed that if I attempted to it’d prob’ly distress him even more.

Hall Park, Rushden _G103644

Then it occurred to me that maybe the proximity of our lenses was bothering him. Could he possibly be, in some sense, aware of them? So maybe the best thing we could do, given our total ignorance, would be to leave him in peace and let him deal with whatever was ailing him as best he could. Which is what we did. Cos we certainly weren’t equipped to help him dammit.

Sometimes I just hate my bloody uselessness. And this really was one of those times. Fortunately it doesn’t happen all that often. But it seems that in all the things that really matter I’m just totally incompetent… a virtual imbecile. It all sucks!

Mooch around a bit more then; grab a few more pics of… er… “stuff”; make friends with a rather boisterous pup; and find ourselves back at the bridge and the driveway out of the Park.

Sure, its not an especially big place, but full of interesting things. And, like so many places in the town (it would appear), one could easily spend a whole day there, not wanting to go anywhere else.

The complete set of Rushden Hall & Park pics is here on Flickr.

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10 Responses to Sometimes I just hate my bloody uselessness

  1. forkboy says:

    Rushden has proven itself worthy of a great number of pics and no small amount of words. Hard to ask more of that from a subject, eh?

    • fotdmike says:

      I had no idea at the start just how much material I’d squeeze out of this. Initially, far as I was concerned I imagined I’d end up with the usual sort of single post and maybe 20 or 30 pics in total from which I’d probably select about a dozen or so to adorn the post. In other words, business as normal sorta thing.

      But once I’d arrived back home, offloaded all the pics, and started thinking about knocking a few words out it occurred to me that there was far more than a single tale here. And how neatly each little part of the jaunt had seemed to separate itself, each one like a single trip in its own right.

      And I guess, also, the writing urge has seized me more intensely than it normally does. Thoroughly enjoying piecing it all together with this series of yarns too.

      And there was me thinking at the start of March that its likely gonna prove a fairly bleak month blogwise. How wrong can one be?

  2. imetam says:

    It’s been a nice journey (at least from where I am sitting).

    • fotdmike says:

      It was a great journey from where I was too 🙂

      Total surprise in fact. I’m not sure what I was expecting, if indeed anything, but the whole jaunt turned out amazingly satisfying.

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  5. ellyukrm says:

    Flitwick Moor beckons for you m’laddo! Ancient alders and twisted willows await you along with the wierdly rust coloured chalybeate waters produced by the springs on the site. Fantastic!

    Place will just be coming into its own in a few weeks as bud burst progresses. It would my great pleasure to acquaint you with a place that is unique within about a hundred mile radius of here.


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