Why the hell I didn’t go out and take some more pics today

Not too many hours back an email plonked into my mailbox re this article…

Photography is f$cked. This is not a joke.

All about the Digital Economy Bill and how it impacts copyright in photos, and the future earnings of pro photogs.

And, on and off, I’ve been mulling about it ever since. Well, more off than on really. Cos, try as I might, I find I cannot seem to generate quite the same level of panic, despair, rage and frustration (in equal measure, or any measure for that matter) with which some photogs appear to be greeting the news.

Although it hardly counts as news now. See, for example, this… published at the Guardian online 23rd November ’09.

The passion just doesn’t seem to be within me. Not for this at least.

Possibly because I’m not reliant on photography as a sole source of income. I’m reminded of something I read ages ago that pretty much sums up my approach to, well, most things really.

Or perhaps its because even as I write I’m busy (well, busy for me that is; for which read “in a rather sloth-like fashion”) assembling my thoughts on the whole matter of copyright. With a view to sharing them here at some point.

An intention inspired in part by that post I wrote the other day about the impact of digital photography on commercial photographers.

And that post is the main reason I really don’t want to get into this too deeply at the mo’. Too much serious stuff like that in a single month and I could jeopardise the totally frivolous nature of this blog. And that would never do.

I might even start taking myself seriously. And that would definitely never do!

The only reason I’ve posted this really is cos I’m sitting here idly twiddling my thumbs and wondering why the hell I didn’t go out and take some more pics today. (Er… yesterday. Cos its now Thursday. Do wish I could stick to proper daytime hours like wot other people do. But sometimes I just forget to do things. Like go to bed. Or eat even!)

So I’ve had to make do with casting around at home for something to shoot.

Dictionaries! ... and other stuff P1020608

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3 Responses to Why the hell I didn’t go out and take some more pics today

  1. Gary says:

    The thing is it’s playing into the big corporations hands, they are the ones that have asked for it, not the togs, or gov. the amateur is the one who will loose out, as they are the ones unlikely to add all the data needed.
    The photographing in public bit is also out of the blue, but has been tried before, namely at the right to photograph police, well that’s now gone unless you use film (no digital scans though)as all they need to say is they object and thats it…unless they are doing criminal activity

    • fotdmike says:

      Well, much as we may not like it most things (in the so-called “developed” world at least) play into the hands of big commercial interests, as indeed such interests are largely responsible (so I believe) for the direction in which society appears to have been moving.

      As for “losing out”, I suppose that really depends on how you define that and, more to the point, why a person’s “doing” photography in the first place.
      I suspect that a great many amateurs simply won’t be bothered by it, or by the prospect of some possible “loss” and will carry on snapping away regardless.

      And those who are bothered will likely make the effort to find out what measures they need to take to protect their interests. Albeit after a few experiences of falling foul of the legislation maybe.

      I can fully understand why certain elements within the “photography industry” are kicking up a bit of a fuss, but I think its unwise to extrapolate too much from that.
      Also, I’m inclined to not jump too quickly onto this particular protest bandwagon until I’ve read the bill for myself rather than rely on others’ interpretations of what it may mean.
      I’ve been caught out like that far too often in the past.

      Regarding the shooting in public bit, that’s a different issue entirely and something that in many cases is hard to regulate anyway (especially given the proliferation of camera-equipped mobile phones etc), much less enforce.

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