Bit of an eyesore really

Ampthill Road, Kempston _G102568

In celebration of my newly-regained freedom mate and I treated ourselves to another little photo jaunt Tuesday.

Er… “freedom” as in “freedom from work”. Not as in having been banged up for a while. Not yet at least! But then you never know with this ‘ere government of ours that seems only one step away from criminalising breathing itself.
Not that we would have needed any excuse such as freedom. But its a good opening line for the post. Or so I thought. Or it would have been had I not felt the need to qualify it. Oh pooh!

Scuppered opening lines aside, I was also on a bit of a mission that landed us up at the far end of Bedford’s Ampthill Road.
So whilst there, I thought I’d take a look at the forest of fairly recently installed traffic lights that quite a few local motorists have been moaning like hell about. Apparently they preferred the roundabout that the lights replaced.

Having now seen them (the lights that is) I can sort of understand why.

Ampthill Road, Kempston _G102557

Ok, both missions accomplished we saunter back toward the town centre, grabbing a handful of pics along the way.
One place I particularly wanted to have a go at was a couple of derelict buildings on a bit of land that has been fenced off. I’ve snapped pics of it before (nothing unusual there) but wasn’t totally satisfied with the results (or there!). This time was a bit different though and I came away with a pic or three that I really rather like.

Ampthill Road, Bedford _G102588

No doubt scheduled for redevelopment at some stage (as pretty much everywhere in the town seems to be) its been in its current state for ages now and seems folk have taken to dumping their big unwanteds there.

Ampthill Road, Bedford _G102589

Bit of an eyesore really. And what in the hell possesses people to casually dump their rubbish anywhere? Just cos a bit of ground’s been left untended for a while it doesn’t necessarily follow that it should automatically become a public tip. Does it? Clearly some folk can’t be bothered to make the effort to dispose of such stuff properly. Lazy inconsiderate uncivilised bastards!

However, onward again! Casually snapping a rather spooky-looking church along the way. To me it looks like something straight out of H.P. Lovecraft. I think its super. But then, I’m weird like that.

Southend Methodist Church, Ampthill Road, Bedford _G102595

Eventually reaching and crossing over the bridge on the approach to County Hall we spot a billboard adorned with some political sloganeering clearly in preparation for the next General Election. The poster having been subjected to a rather neat slant (or so we thought) on the word “deface”…

Bedford town _G102602

Pity we can’t as easily remove the mouths from all politicians for real. It would certainly cut down on the bullshit to which we’re subjected on a daily basis.

A few more pics then finally, and inevitably I suppose, we end up back at The Bear for a bit of a warm-up cos it’d been damn cold out. That despite being quite sunny at times. When someone wasn’t chucking little white balls down on us. Some people call ’em hailstones. Bit of a half-hearted attempt though cos within seconds of hitting us (and the ground) they melted away!

Back at The Bear again _G102612

With the usual awkward lighting oozing its habitual taunt of “I dare you to try getting some decent pics in here” there was a quick switch of cameras and the banging out of a few black and whites. What a surprise! Though I think I may finally be getting the hang of this “taking pics in The Bear” business.

About time too really. Its not as though I haven’t made enough attempts!

Back at The Bear again - in black and white P1020572

Back at The Bear again - in black and white P1020582

Back at The Bear again - in black and white P1020595

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