Not in the least helpful

It may have been noticed that the way I title my posts is not in the least helpful… either to casual or regular visitor.

General rule of thumb (with the odd exception) is for me to grab from within the body of the post a particular phrase (or variation thereof) that for some unfathomable reason seems to me to have a sort of “ring” about it and use that as the title.

Not in the least helpful… cos it gives absolutely no indication whatsoever of what a given post may be about. Contrary to most accepted conventions re blogging… or the titling of anything else for that matter!

For which I make no apologies. At all.

This blog recounts, amongst a number of other things, my “adventures” in the world of photography. Though perhaps “misadventures” would be more appropriate.

That was its intended purpose right at the very start.

So it seems only fitting to me that reading the damn thing should be a bit of an adventure too!
Heh heh.

And why this unprecedented explanation?

Well, its like this y’see… a few hours back there was me sat at the keyboard having just uploaded my theme pics for the month and knocked out a relevant post when I catch myself nodding off, fingers still clutching mouse in mid-click.

Which is usually a sign for me to retire to my festering pit.

So I does.

And lay there. Tossing. Turning. Staring at the ceiling. Counting sheep. Thinking of slumber. Staring at the ceiling a bit more. And “Bugger this… I’ll whip downstairs and make meself a nice mug of hot milk. That’ll send me off.”

So I does.

One mug of hot milk later: Back in bed. Tossing. Turning. Staring at the ceiling. Counting sheep. Thinking of slumber. Staring at the ceiling a bit more.

Totally fed up to the eyeballs I decide to vacate bed and wander back into the computer room for an hour or so. See if I can replicate the weariness that assailed me earlier.
Snag is though, what am I gonna do for that hour or so… without getting too involved in anything?

Hence this post. Hope reading it hasn’t kept you awake!

About fotdmike

Occasional photographer; occasional writer/blogger; occasional activist; occasional computer-geek. Bit of a fool really.
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3 Responses to Not in the least helpful

  1. David says:

    HEY, I didnt know there was any convention for titles of Blog posts, I never stick to any convention or rule, mind you I wouldn’t keep to rules even if I knew them, although the disadvantage is that not knowing the rules I might be inadvertantly keeping to them without realising, which just wouldn’t do so if there are rules and etiquet to follow can you tell me what they are so that I have an opportunity to break them.

  2. fotdmike says:

    “I never stick to any convention or rule”

    That explains so much!

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