Bless his little cotton socks

Bloody hell! Start of another month and its theme time again! And I’ve only just done last month’s.
Oh well.

This month however it was Markie-boy’s turn and, bless his little cotton socks, he’s set “Colourful” as the theme (or “Colorful” as that illiterate bunch across the water spell it).

Proposed, I have a sneaking suspicion, by his getting a bit pee’d off with all the black’n’white stuff our little gang have been knocking out recently.

First thought in my mind then was “How the hell can I do colourful in black and white?” Cos I’m a bit awkward like that.
Hmm. A real puzzler.

But meanwhile, impishness gets the better of me and, casting around for some truly colourful things… well… let’s go for something really gross. I’m sure I must have something floating around somewhere.

And sure enough, I have. Rather more than I’m comfortable with in fact.

So rapidly get the old camera out, take the pics, whop the saturation and vibrancy up an horrendous amount (well, it just has to be done, doesn’t it?) and hey presto… month’s theme pics done!
That’s gotta be some sort of a record… for me at least.

Heh heh.

And it gives me a clear month to mull over next month’s theme… which I do believe its my turn to set.

Heh heh again (an evil cackle doesn’t really convey all that well over the ‘net).

Monthly theme - February 2010 _G102478

Monthly theme - February 2010 _G102480

(Though I haven’t yet totally given up on the idea of doing something colourful in b&w!)

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