Still moaning about it

Oh what a busy little bee am I. A busy little bee indeed.

Dammit! Why didn’t Gilbert & Sullivan write a song about that? It sounds exactly the sort of thing they could have written a song around.

Then I could have quoted some choice lines. A little ditty perhaps. Bloody inconsiderate pair! Think I’m gonna remove them from my list of favourite… er… favourite whatever they were. Song-writers, composers, I dunno. Excellent they were though. Catchy tunes too.

Busy then. Not so’s you’d notice photo-wise however, even though that’s where most of my busyness has been directed today.
Um… yesterday by the time I post this.

Managed to grab a good bit of kip last night after a real marathon coupla days, so was fresh as a daisy this morning. Well, perhaps that’s exaggerating just a wee bit, but certainly feeling more on top of things than I was Tuesday after mate and I had finished our little pic-taking sesh.

Thing is though, jobs are piling up at home cos I’ve not had time to get around to them because of this stupid little bit of extra work I took on (yep, still moaning about it!) and consequently I’m continuing to feel a bit “pressured in the head” so to speak.

Stressed, sorta thing. And I don’t like it. In fact, I very much don’t like it. Doesn’t sit at all well with my hard-earned reputation of being a bone-idle layabout.
Or something like that.

Bit like my reputation as an antisocial hermit I guess. Mate reckons I’m the most imcompetent and failed antisocial hermit he’s ever met.

And no chores are gonna get done at home again today (um… yesterday) as once more I need to dive into town. Guess I’ll just have to put the dusting off for yet another year. Ho hum.

There was I then, sat quietly at the kitchen table leisurely sipping (can’t rush these things y’know) my final cup of coffee before heading down to the bus stop when what’s this I see?
The Sun pops out very briefly… just to say “Hi, remember me?” sorta thing.

And there’s some shadows! So,very quickly, before they disappear…

More damn shadows! P1020434

Right then. Into town… no pics. Mooch around town… no pics. End up at the Bear… no pics. Wander over to the shops with mate and entourage… no pics.

What’s going on then?

Finally back home, and now the real business kicks in.

Time to do my monthly theme shot I s’pose, especially given that three of my compatriots in crime fellow project participants have already done theirs.
Well, two of them have… and I just know that the third is in the offing.

Now this is where all the tricky nonsense begins.

The theme wasn’t a particularly easy one this month (for which someone’s definitely gonna suffer if I have anything to do with it) but within a few days of its being announced I knew pretty much what I wanted to do. Or try to do at least.

And the rest of the time’s been spent planning how I’m going to do it. Not easy. Not by a long shot. Not for what I’ve had in mind.

And fraught with risk. Literal, real risk. Risk to life and limb. My life and limb in fact.
I can foresee things getting knocked. Things tumbling. Things breaking. Things gouging and cutting and slicing. And things getting hurt. Badly. Me mainly.

So lots of pain and suffering unless I’m very very careful. Lots of pain and even lotser of suffering. And I have to rather shamefully admit that carefulness isn’t exactly one of my most highly developed qualities. Though loathing of pain and suffering is. Oh dear.

Not only that, I’ve had this nasty ‘orrible sinking feeling that what I’ve had planned isn’t going to work very well anyway.
And then I’m going to be really up the creek… without a paddle. Cos I have no backup idea. None whatsoever. Oh pooh!

And I appear to have almost run out of month too. Bloody hell. It’ll be the first month since this little project’s been going that I’ll have nothing to contribute. Oh, the shame of it! Made even worse by the fact that its one of mate’s themes! I’ll never hear the end of it.

So, it took about an hour or so to set everything up. Then I spent another hour or so fine-tuning and taking some test shots. All the while being very very careful. Moving very very gingerly. And making damn sure the First Aid kit was somewhere handy. And the TCP. I do so love TCP.

Just about ready to do the stuff for real then and, er, well, do it basically. For real. Then whip out the memory card… er… very delicately slide the memory card slowly out of the camera whilst same is still carefully and precariously positioned, also trying to avoid bumping into anything in the process. No mean feat let me tell you.
And dash upstairs to offload onto infernal machine to find out whether or not I’m still in the running.

Yep! Seemingly so. Well, that’s a bit of an achievement on its own!

Pics now duly uploaded to the project blog, along with an absolutely essential and rather lengthy explanation thereof that I must have knocked out in about thirty minutes flat… or less!

Thing is though, the pics seem a bit sort of… well, “simple looking”. Nothing whatsoever about them suggests the sheer effort (mental, physical, and general faffng around, to say nothing of the abject fear of mortal injury) that was entailed. Bit disappointing really.

Anyway, I’m posting ’em here as well… but you’ll have to visit t’other blog to find out what the hell they’re all about!

Though I will tell you this for nowt… that round thingie isn’t some crystal ball sort of nonsense, despite appearances. And, believe it or not, that bottom thingie is the same thingie as the round thingie. In a manner of speaking. Sort of thingie. Heh heh.

Monthly theme - January 2010 #1 _G102476

Monthly theme - January 2010 #2 _G102475

Monthly theme - January 2010 #3 P1020441

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8 Responses to Still moaning about it

  1. Slamdunk says:

    Well done on the photos.

  2. mywayoutnow says:

    the bottom picture looks a bit like a ‘scan’ for a baby, when’s it due?

  3. forkboy says:

    Liking your table. From what I can see of it that is.

    I’m still trying to figure out how the devil it is that this month’s theme shoot was so dangerous. What did you do? Place a shark near the camera? Have to fight off a bear?

    • fotdmike says:

      The table’s rather a neat bit of work. There’s a pic showing the whole top on the “about” page here… bit of a crappy pic though. Keep meaning to re-shoot it but never seem to get around to it.

      As regards the high risk factor of my theme shoot for this month, no, I doubt anyone would sus it out unless I described in some detail how the whole thing was done. A possibility I’m still mulling at the mo’.
      But I kid you not, I was being very careful throughout the entire exercise.

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