Photo junkies

More snow - 13 January '10 _G102014

More snow today.

Clearly the weather gods think I don’t have anywhere near enough snow pics so they’re giving me the opportunity to remedy the failing.
Well gee, thanks guys. I’m really touched.

“In the head”, some may say.

Not wishing to sound ungrateful but I’d far rather they visited their kindness on someone else though. Preferably someone else many miles from me. Like in some distant foreign land for example. They’re welcome to it. (All heart, that’s me!)

More snow - 13 January '10 _G102010

More snow - 13 January '10 _G102004

Snag with this divine gift was… I was in the wrong place!

Cos I know I’ve absolutely loads of snow pics from my little village. Obviously I really needed to be elsewhere.

Head into town as a starting point then. But by the time I arrived there the falling snow had turned into some sort of sleety, rainy, rubbishy type stuff and quite frankly I really didn’t feel in the mood to be wandering around taking shots of the same old scenes. The snow turning to slush simply wasn’t doing it for me. Not today anyway.

Hence end up in The Bear (what a surprise!) and see if I can annoy mate. Just to keep myself amused you understand.
Problem with that is, the toerag ignores me. Either that or he doesn’t take me seriously enough. And everyone knows I’m an amazingly serious person. Ahem.

But I wasn’t totally out of luck. I was feeling a bit down… and curiously so was he. Good!

Dunno why. The music didn’t help either. Mournful dirges most of it… or so it seemed to me.
Thoroughly cheesed off we were. Sitting there and sighing at one another, getting more depressed by the minute.

But then, later in the afternoon, we started messing with some pics of the pool room there. Quite involved we became in fact.
And the mood gradually lifted. Well, bugger me!

Another session at The Bear P1020247

Its a curious phenomenon I’ve noticed before as it happens.

No matter what mood I’m in, soon as I start up with the old camera its not too long before I’m feeling ok again.
Seems mate’s affected in the same way too. How odd!

So we’ve come to the conclusion that we’re sort of addicted to this photography lark and need our regular “fix”.

Photo junkies, that’s us!

Another session at The Bear P1020239

Another session at The Bear P1020198

Another session at The Bear P1020234

And ok, so I have a bit of a fixation on chairs and stools and stuff. Is there a problem with that? At least its better than having a fixation on… um… well, anything else I could have a fixation on. Like trees. Or fences. Or clouds or something.

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11 Responses to Photo junkies

  1. fotddarren says:

    Or birds, you forgot about birds.

  2. forkboy says:

    Lest we forget lamp posts. We shouldn’t forget lamp posts. And gates, which is an extension of fences.

    No…we mustn’t forget lamps or gates either.

  3. fotdmike says:

    And telegraph poles, and barbed wire (or is that a sub-section of fences?), and buildings, and… ooh… lots of stuff.

  4. imetam says:

    and the list goes on… I am with you guys, my mood lifts when I take shots with my camera. My recent favorite subjects are my girls (when they are funny moods), animals (including birds..heh heh), abstracty type stuff, and shadows!

    As for the snow, I am done. Don’t get me wrong, I love snow but only for a day or two and only on weekends. Yes, weekends. I don’t want to haveta drag my butt outa bed to go to work in the snow. When it snows, I want to stay home and take pics and drink loadsa coffee and well, you get the idea.

    • fotdmike says:

      Snow? Gotcha! Problem with the stuff is, its so damn persistent. Be fine if it sort of came down one day, hung around just long enough for us to grab some pics, then politely disappeared. But no. It just has to overstay its welcome.

      Odd about the uplifting effect of photography though. P’raps we’re not photo junkies after all. Maybe it should be prescribed as a therapy for depression!

  5. Maggie says:

    Great snow pictures! You should really embrace the snow because that way you’ll learn to enjoy it.

  6. forkboy says:

    Our neighbors split their time between here (SW Ohio) and someplace outside Manchester. They just returned on the 12th after being over there since early December.

    Geoff wandered over this morning with a gift for me (thanks for shoveling their drive and keeping an eye on the house) and the first thing he says is “You know Mark, we go to England to get AWAY from the snow.”

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