Childlike anticipation

Bedford, January 2010 _G101956

I know I’d previously said that I really couldn’t be asked to go snowhunting this year but somehow the childlike anticipation of the prospect of magical snowy vistas, and lots of them, got the better of me.
Encouraged, no doubt, by the weather warnings that this current snowfall (or rather, series of snowfalls) promises to be the heaviest for… um… oooh, lots of time.
In this part of the world at least.

Factor in also the foiled plan of yesterday when mate and I had ventured out with innocent trust in the forecasts of the weathermen, only to discover that once again they’d got it wrong… by a full 24 hours in fact! As today’s conditions revealed.

Y’see, that’s the thing. The snowfall today (well, yesterday actually… by the time I get to post this) was precisely what had been predicted for yesterday. Yet almost exactly 24 hours behind schedule.

Consequently I missed what I’d really wanted to capture… heavy fluffy lumps of white stuff falling down everywhere.
Though I do believe that mate managed to grab a few shots of it, so all is not entirely lost.

Anyway, the day kicked off for me when I first stuck my nose outside the door about midday. So a few shots around the village with the Lumix…

Cotton End, Bedfordshire, January 2010 P1020123

Cotton End, Bedfordshire, January 2010 P1020140

Cotton End, Bedfordshire, January 2010 P1020134

Cotton End, Bedfordshire, January 2010 P1020137

… then off into town (via a small task en route that prevented me from capturing the snow really dropping down again dammit) for another (relatively brief) wander around, dragging out the GX10 for a further glut of pics.

Bedford, January 2010 _G101957

Bedford, January 2010 _G101970

Bedford, January 2010 _G101982

Bedford, January 2010 _G101986

Bedford, January 2010 _G101995

Bedford, January 2010 _G102000

I’ve now bunged the whole lot into a dedicated set on Flickr named… er… “Snow: Jan ’10“. How’s that for imaginative!

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10 Responses to Childlike anticipation

  1. forkboy says:

    And so the snow finally fell and fotdmike is happy. I’m happy for you, my friend.

    • fotdmike says:

      Well, I was happy… for all of five minutes. But it can go away now thankyou very much. Then I’d be very happy. Providing it became a lot warmer too.

  2. The Juicer says:

    You are not helping my craving for some more snow in NYC! I wish, I hope.
    I like the b&w ones here!

    So these are pictures before the heavy snow? I am confused about the time line:)
    Maybe because I heard London got almost 18 inches of snow…and I don’t see it here…

    • fotdmike says:

      Heh heh. Well, you’re more than welcome to some of ours!

      Re the timeline… no, these pics were taken on the 6th (Wednesday last) and the colour ones were after another heavy snowfall… though more’s predicted (the b&w ones were about an hour before it really chucked it down again). But this is in Bedford, whereas London’s some 40/50 miles southward so they may have seen it heavier. Though 18 inches sounds a bit much to me… I suspect there’s been some exaggeration going on somewhere. Y’know what the media are like 😉

      As I write this its Sunday evening and the snow’s nearly all gone… in town at least. Still loitering around in the surrounding villages though, but there’s definitely a major thaw going on at the mo’.

      Having said that, lots of other parts of the country (especially up north I think) have had it a lot heavier than here. But then, Bedford always seems to get off fairly lightly.

      • The Juicer says:

        Well then Bedford really did get off lightly! I can swear I read about 18inches of snow…perhaps in NYT:)

        Monday morning here…I am off to work…and looking forward to reading more of your rants when I get back home tonight:)
        Happy snapping!

  3. David says:

    you got some nice pics in the snow, sadly I didn’t take a single photo during the snow this months, and very few of the snow back end of last year, all in all I have been too busy trying to keep warm, I think it has to do with the heating at home not working so the last thing I wanted to do was get colder than necessary when I couldn’t go back home to warm up nicely, well that’s my excuse!

    Of course now that the snow, and cold weather, has gone we have a new boiler in place and the heating is working well.

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