Bloody weathermen #2

The promised snow finally arrives P1020092

This is a continuation of the immediately preceding post

…necessitated because the promised snow finally arrived!

Mid-evening, when it was too bloody dark to get any decent pics of it. Though I would have taken a few more. But it was still coming down when I dived outside. Idiot-like, without a coat or hat. Or gloves. And with sandals on instead of proper footwear. (Well, in fairness, I had just been slobbing around when I happened to spot all that white stuff outside… purely by chance.) And with the jolly old Lumix… which isn’t exactly weatherproof. Consequently, I didn’t think it a good idea to mess about in it for too long.

Especially, and more importantly, as I had a half-finished glass of the amber nectar gathering dust indoors! (Actually the amber nectar’s about the only thing around me that doesn’t accumulate dust… it doesn’t survive long enough!)

The forecast of a mid-afternoon downfall? Pah. Bloody weathermen. Talking out of their backsides most of the time.

Only question now is, how long’s it gonna hang around?

The promised snow finally arrives P1020096

The promised snow finally arrives P1020095

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3 Responses to Bloody weathermen #2

  1. forkboy says:

    How lovely. You finally got some snow, but not at the more convenient time in which you had planned. Typical, eh?

  2. Maggie says:

    The snow and darkness make the street look so peaceful.

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