Bloody weathermen

Coming in to land _G101927

Snow! Blanketing northern England early in the morning then moving steadily southward throughout the day, hitting our region sometime during the afternoon. Heavy too. Lots of it. Major chaos.

According to the weathermen.

You’d think that at my age I’d know better, wouldn’t you? Than to believe the weathermen that is. Ho hum.

“Right”, thinks I, “head into town, hook up with mate, and grab a load of piccys of snow tumbling down”. And other really exciting stuff. Like mate slipping and sliding on it for example. And falling on his arse if I’m really lucky. That’d be worth a pic or two!

Great idea. And ambling along to the bus stop what’s this I see in the air if not the occasional speck of what looks suspiciously like snow.
Either that or someone’s got some really heavy dandruff… and they’re living up in the sky.

Keeping a wary eye on up above and the cloud formations (hell, I wouldn’t want the snowfall to start too soon, would I?), Stage One of the plan (heading into town) goes pretty much without a hitch.

As does Stage Two… hooking up with mate.

One right dodgy photographer _G101856

So, mate and I adjourn to a favoured caff for some nosh and to refine the plan a bit. Like where can we head that’ll provide some fairly open spaces (parkland type spaces preferably, where we can snap pics of wonderful carpets of virgin snow, untrodden by human foot) yet also a bit of cover for just in case? Trees would do. Trees we can shelter under.

(Btw, in case you didn’t know I like trees. They’re friendly. I haven’t had one fall on me in ages. And they don’t kick you into ditches either. Unlike so-called “mates”.)

And where a few people wander abroad, so we can also snap pics of folk struggling through the heavily falling white stuff.
And not too far from the town centre so if needs be we can dive quickly back for coffees, calls of nature, whatever.

Not asking for too much really, is it?

St Mary’s Embankment, that’s where. T’other side of the Town Bridge from the centre, and eastwardish of said bridge.
The bit between the Town Bridge and County Bridge in fact.

St Mary's Embankment, Bedford _G101865

Such was agreed, and off we trot .Well, “casually amble” would probably be rather more accurate. I can’t recollect offhand that we’ve ever been known to actually “trot” anywhere. In fact most of the time we tend to just sort of meander aimlessly. Through town; through countryside; through Life itself!

Admittedly the sky’s a bit greyish but not really what I’d call filled with snowclouds. Not as such. Not precisely.
Bloody weathermen. Talking out of their backsides most of the time.

Destination reached, and plan’s looking good so far. Apart from those clouds, that don’t appear to be overly snow-filled.

And as we slowly and snappingly make our way along St Mary’s Embankment, skirting Bedford College and the rear of the County Hall, what should happen?

Rear of the County Hall, Bedford _G101892

The formerly greyish sky brightens up. Turns quite blue in fact. And the Sun shows his face. And the incipient snowclouds all run away very quickly to hide elsewhere. Inconsiderate bastards!

The River Great Ouse, Bedford _G101905

Yet another sodding plan thwarted! Like when have any of my plans ever worked out as intended?
Bloody weathermen. Talking out of their backsides most of the time.

Having done a bit of a circular tour we find ourselves back in town once more so obviously it must be coffee time again. I think we must have drank our way through quite  a lot of coffee during the course of the day. Judging by the number of times we each had to visit the loo at least. Damn cold weather. Does strange things to the bladder!

Time for a coffee! _G101941

Oh well. Another day maybe.

We did manage to get some pics of ice though… an effect of the brass monkey temperatures we’ve been having the past few days. The ice that is. Not our pics. They’re just the result of our bumbling incompetence.

Ice! _G101876

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8 Responses to Bloody weathermen

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  2. forkboy says:

    How many times I have told you Mother Nature is a bitch?

    • fotdmike says:

      Yeah… but I’m hardly gonna take any notice of that cos, by all accounts, you ain’t one of Mother Nature’s favourites.

      And it wasn’t Mother Nature’s fault anyway. It was the bloody weathermen!


  3. forkboy says:

    Oh….forgot…the picture of mate is awesome.

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  5. David says:

    Its not the weather that does strange things with your bladder, it is just called old age!

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