Damned irritating blogging!

This has nowt to do with photography. Though it has inasmuch as it refers to virtually every single post on this ’ere blog… pretty much.

Why is it when, after having written a new piece; after having read it through three or four times before posting; after having read it through again in the edit panel before publishing; and after having read it through several times immediately after publishing… I still find, a day or so later when I go through it once more, bloody SPELLING MISTAKES?!!!

Its not as though I can’t spell. In fact, despite my unabashed mangling of the language, shameless usage of slang words, wilful adoption of faddish ’net terms conventions and so forth, secretly I quite pride myself on my ability to spell words correctly. Well, most words at least. English language words.

I’m also fairly good at copy-reading… or used to be.

Many many many moons ago, in the days preceding my graphics caper, I was in the printing trade (which is how I landed up in graphics initially, but that’s another story). And one of the various jobs I undertook in that trade was copy-reading (aka proofreading). So I’m not exactly a novice at it.

Yet here I am, re-reading my post of yesterday, and still finding the occasional word with an incorrect spelling.

I put the original error down to dyslexic fingers of course. But that doesn’t explain how I completely fail to spot the errors subsequently.

Yeah, I know all about that business of getting someone else to check your work cos you’ll always miss your own mistakes. That’s not really viable with blogposts though, is it? Not unless you happen to share your home with someone who’s ever-present “on demand”.

I’m also aware of that “proofreading” thingie in the WP edit panel… just that my pride (damn stupid bloody pride… must come from my part-Spanish ancestry) prevents me from using it.

And spelling’s not all!

There’s also the odd mis-placed word. Or the over-use of a particular word or phrase in sentences/paras far too close together. And all sorts of other grammatical inaccuracies and bloomers. And let’s not forget wrong punctuation. Hell, the list is endless!
Not that I mind bad grammar… when its deliberate! But when its clearly not, that really pisses me off.

Unless of course its intended to emulate one’s manner of speaking. In which case its ok. By me at least.

So apologies to all when it may appear that I’ve edited and re-edited a given post several times after having published it. All I can promise is that nothing significant will have been changed. And hopefully no-one will have noticed.
Although to my mind those changes are significant because such errors speak to me of carelessness on the part of the writer… especially if the writer actually does have the ability to avoid such errors. And I shall notice.

Its just that I like things to be right.

Not “right” in terms of grammar or usage necessarily, but “right” in terms of how I want it to be.

And when it isn’t its damned irritating!

P.S. Should anyone spot any spelling mistakes in the foregoing please please don’t tell me else I’ll likely do something really serious. Thankyou. Now where’d I put me hooch so I can drown me sorrows?

About fotdmike

Occasional photographer; occasional writer/blogger; occasional activist; occasional computer-geek. Bit of a fool really.
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6 Responses to Damned irritating blogging!

  1. imetam says:

    You and I are so much alike in this department, it isn’t funny. I do the same thing. Matter of fact, days can go by and after folks have commented, I still edit out my mistakes. Crazy isn’t it? Glad I am not the only one. Two peas in a pod, we are, two peas….

    • fotdmike says:

      I’m a pea, I’m a pea, yippee I’m a pea. Tra la la

      Hmm… that means I’m all round and green.

      At least its comforting to know I’m not the only one.


  2. forkboy says:

    I just assumed your spelling and grammatical issues where some sort of homage to life in Bedforshire.

    Now I’m truly disappointed…


  3. fotdmike says:

    And I’ve just spotted something else dammit, that offers scope for a completely different bunch of errors… extra spaces between words!

    I thought the rich text editor was supposed to strip those out automatically?


  4. David says:

    AH! sadly I suffer the same fate.
    One of my blogs has a ‘ghost writer’ who come in after I have written a post and corrects all my errors, because I found them too difficult to re-read too often after writing them, due to the nature of the material, was really writing mostly straight off cuff with very little ‘thought’ to what was being written, the only way I could do it, then re read only weeks afterwards, when all the errors had been picked up by my co-writer and rectified for me, she then posts the post on my behalf.
    One thing I like about Opera Web Browser is the automatic spell check in place, works without needing to switch on and off, unlike the one in Firefox or the one that comes with WordPress. and sadly although I like to make sure things are right, all too often my fingers go slower than my brain so it all gets muddled.
    One thing I don’t like in this spell check, it doesn’t recognise the word ‘blog’ as being a correct word! but then neither does WordPress’s own spell checker, which is a little on the strange side.
    grammar is always a big failing of mine, and as for punctuation, it is better than it used to be but the number of times I re-read something I have written and realise that there are hundreds of !! in place of full stops!! It’s not funny! And I have to stop it!!!!!!! 🙂
    one of my favourite sayings is: ‘Your errors just prove that your human’.

    • fotdmike says:

      GHOST WRITER! Of course. That’s the answer! I must have a ghost writer too… although mine goes back into my totally error-free prose after I’ve published it and inserts all those damn mistakes. Why had I never realised this before? I feel so much better now.


      Spell-checkers… well… I have rather an aversion to using them. So I don’t. Did one time. When I was working on transferring onto the infernal machine a multipage doc that had been typewritten… and I didn’t have any OCR gizmos. Consequently it required re-typing the whole bloody thing in Word. Used the spell-checker then but, to be honest, it was a real pain in the backside.

      Anyway, theoretically I shouldn’t need a spell-checker. But its the dyslexic fingers y’see. They let me down all the time (and I’m sure laptop keys are closer together than those of a typewriter. Huh. Rarely made mistakes when I was using one of those. Ah, they were the good old days).

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