How bizarre

Another one from that confused ramble _G100721

Its not often, having completed my edit (as in sorting out the crap from the not quite so crap) that I’ll go back into an original batch of pics for a second bite of the cherry as it were.
In fact, offhand, I can’t recollect another occasion when I’ve done that.

So this is a bit of a weird experience for me cos that’s exactly what I’ve just done!

Specifically, the pics from that rather confusing ramble that mate and I embarked upon the other day.

Having finally managed to get back home, and despite all the knackeredness we were both feeling, I do believe my final words to mate as he departed for his homeward journey were something along the lines of “What’s the betting I start uploading some of those pics tonight then?”

Which is precisely what I did, in between bouts of nodding off over the keyboard.

However, apart from the odd one or two, I’d ended up with a selection (notwithstanding being the “best” of the bunch) that didn’t overly impress me. Good enough, just about, but that was it really.

Strange how some things grow on you though.

Now its not as though photos are like some vintage wines. Its not as though they improve with age (we’re talking digital here; it may well be different for film!). Is it?
Yet that’s exactly what seemed to happen. For over the days those pics have been on Flickr I’ve revisited them time and again. And there’s a good handful of them that seem in some way to have improved sort of. How bizarre.

What’s really happening of course is that I’m seeing qualities in them that I didn’t see first time around. Or maybe I saw but hadn’t consciously recognised.
Whatever… the consequence is that there’s now some pics from that particular batch that I’m finding I’m beginning to really really like.

Sufficient in fact to entice me back into an examination of all the ones I’d originally rejected and see if I could find any more that showed some sort of promise, or appeared worthy of salvaging.
And I’ve dragged out another half-dozen. About on a par with most of the others from that energy-consuming day I suspect. But I’ll be interested to see if these too develop hidden qualities over time.

Though I doubt it!

Another one from that confused ramble _G100812

Another one from that confused ramble _G100736

Another one from that confused ramble _G100773

Mmm… what’s even more scary is that there’s a coupla pics from that first edit that I now wouldn’t mind printing out on canvas or something, framing, and… er… hanging up on me wall as “proper” pictures. Oops.

Where’s it all going to end I ask meself.

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Occasional photographer; occasional writer/blogger; occasional activist; occasional computer-geek. Bit of a fool really.
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7 Responses to How bizarre

  1. Maggie says:

    This is a nice batch of pictures here. The second picture is really good. The fuzzy quality of it from the sun gives it a nice touch. I always sort my pictures two days after I have downloaded them onto my computer to give me fresh insight.

    • fotdmike says:

      Problem with me is I’m too damn impatient and, having taken a load of pics, can’t wait to check them all out and sort out the ones that seem reasonable.

      But on the basis of this I think it may be worthwhile to sort of follow your example and revisit after a couple of days or so as well.

  2. mywayoutnow says:

    Now try denying your turning into an arty farty type photographer!
    Lovely picture in the woods here, the second one down, with the 2 lines of trees and the 1 standing centre stage at the back, bathed in light.

    • fotdmike says:

      That’s really weird. Both you and Maggie seem to like that second one down yet of this present upload I thought that the crappiest! Just goes to show really.

  3. forkboy says:

    Hanging as proper pictures? You mean like one would do with Art?

    Clearly a sign of the Apocalypse.


    Maybe you (and I may do as well too) should consider changing the way you go through your pictures? Perhaps you should create a few “piles”: keepers, maybes and trash. Then leave them be for a few days and come back to them.

    Review them again and see if you feel the same way.

    I’ve often wondered if I’m missing something when I quickly go through and start marking some for deletion without giving them more time to grow on me.

    Clearly some pics are rubbish no matter what, but that is more because of being out of focus, etc.

    • fotdmike says:

      Its not a bad idea; in fact, given this present experience, it has a lot of merit. Only snag is (and knowing me as well as I do) it wouldn’t be too long before the ones I’d put aside for later review would simply be forgotten/overlooked so I’d really be in no different position than I am now. E.g., the ones above wouldn’t originally have even made it to the “maybes”. Not trash exactly (as in delete, scrub, gone for ever) for I only do that to those that are truly unusable, but binned in the sense of almost permanently archived. And I doubt if I would ever have gone back into this particular archive had it not been for the couple from the original edit that seemed to “improve with age”.

      Can’t really say I’ve noticed the effect with any other pics I’ve got. In fact, it was only this evening that I was going back over some of my earlier stuff on Flickr and, if anything, they’ve become worse! In other words, if I’d been editing them now a good half or more of them would never have got past the post so to speak.

      It was actually quite a depressing experience and I was on the verge of deleting the lot and starting afresh. But then I thought that was possibly a bit too drastic. Well, at the moment anyway.

  4. forkboy says:

    I see…well I’m certain you know what works best for you and your personality type. And who am I to say anything about looking through, processing and uploading considering I haven’t done so in ages.

    (confession: I’ve kind of enjoyed the time off and have been feeling the urge to get back into the game now that I’ve had this time away)

    And yes…we wouldn’t want you to do anything too drastic.

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