What’s one to do?

St Joseph's Church, Bedford _G100683

One of my acquaintances is apparently fairly active in his church community.

And seems that a few days ago he was taking a bunch of pics of the interior of said church.
But, due to limitations of camera etc, some of his shots didn’t come out quite as well as he’d hoped.

Eight or so of them he reckoned. Detail shots of the church’s interior ornamentation, up on the ceiling. What with the height and the less-than-perfect lighting his camera couldn’t quite cut it.

And being up against a bit of a deadline in wanting the shots for some church thingie or other, plus knowing of my own forays into all this photography caper, he asks if I could help him out.

Well, what’s one to do?

St Joseph's Church, Bedford _MG_6960

St Joseph's Church, Bedford _MG_6966

St Joseph's Church, Bedford _MG_6978

St Joseph's Church, Bedford _MG_6972

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11 Responses to What’s one to do?

  1. igriceonline says:

    hey all photos are nice but you should maybe change little angle in first photo.

  2. fotdmike says:

    Er, thanks… but I like it just as it is… else I wouldn’t have posted it as it is. Or maybe I would have done and invited critique. And you shoulda see some of the shots that I binned. They were really crap! 😉

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  4. Maggie says:

    Great series of photos. They came out really well for the interior of a church. That sucks his pictures didn’t come out, I have that problem all the time.

    • fotdmike says:

      Yeah. I’m not entirely certain but I think he was using a point’n’shoot and it just wasn’t up to providing reasonable shots of the ceiling ornaments, cos it was quite high up.

  5. The Juicer says:

    I like the first pic! Beautiful building.
    Have clicked pictures inside a small church once..but was not able to capture what I felt/ saw. This was in Hawaii. Thinking about trying it again in Manhattan! Any tech tips?:)

    • fotdmike says:

      Well, I don’t normally do inside churches… lack of opportunity more than anything else I guess. This was a real fluke inasmuch as being asked to help out completely out of the blue.
      But I love taking pics of church exteriors, especially the really old ones. Lovely architecture and generally there’s fascinating detail to be found.

      However, I have done a few photoshoots inside halls and suchlike, and the technique I’ve developed is set to the highest ISO your camera can comfortably handle without undue noise, largest aperture possible… and use a tripod!
      ISO and aperture aren’t quite as critical if your subjects are static (I generally get lumbered with taking pics of speakers and suchlike who have the irritating habit of moving around, hence I need to try to “freeze” the motion). But a tripod is an absolute “must have”, as I’ve learned to my cost so many times in the past!

      With interiors that have reasonable or even dimmish lighting you can actually get away without a tripod providing your posture is such that it enables you to hold the camera really steady. I was shown a particular technique that works amazingly well (even for me with my shaky hands!) but its difficult to describe in words.
      If you’re really interested I could probably get my mate to model it and take some pics.
      Apparently its modelled on the same stance as that used by army snipers!

  6. The Juicer says:

    I think get the stance you mentioned…but if you could send me pics..wow..that would be awesome!
    I have a tripod at my disposal (a friend’s) but it is so heavy that I find hard to walk with more than few blocks:) The result is that I have never actually used it. Need to get my own, and a lighter one. But meanwhile, if I can do without one, I try to.

    • fotdmike says:

      Ok… might be a few days though cos first I have to grab him… and then bludgeon him into doing my will!

      A handy alternative to a tripod could be a Gorillapod. They’re really lightweight, fold up very small (fits easily in a medium-sized camera bag, a shopping bag… or even conceivably a very large handbag!) and they can be attached to all sorts of bizarre things. I did a post about them here.

      But if you do think about getting one make sure to check first that it’ll take the weight of your camera c/w lens. I’ve got the middle-sized one and to be honest its not quite sturdy enough to take the Canon with a long lens, though it seemed to support the GX10 with 17-70mm lens comfortably enough, even though that’s the heavier camera. Possibly something to do with centre of gravity as much as anything.


  7. forkboy says:

    Nice of you to take time from your artwork to help out. Mighty nice of you sir.

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