Full of sympathy and compassion

Bedford - a stroll by the river (again!) _G100571

Mate’s still convalescing from some unmentionable malaise that I simply can’t bring myself to talk about… else I’ll just fall about in an uncontrollable fit of hysterical giggling.
Full of sympathy and compassion, that’s me!


He seems to be doing nicely thankyou very much and these past coupla weeks or so its meant we’ve been able to spend a bit of time together just mooching around with nothing much particular in mind, snapping a few pics here and there.

Hence the “rain batch” last week.

And today we were out again taking a stroll along by the river. As though we haven’t already snapped virtually everything there is to snap along there about a thousand times over.
Well. Ok. Maybe that’s a slight exaggeration.

Snared some reasonably neat shots of the bandstand (well, I think they’re fairly neat anyway!) which I finally learned is called “Mill Meadow bandstand”. And apparently it used to be called “St Mary’s bandstand”. Wow! That’ll be my “learning something new every day” bit done then. Jolly good.

Mill Meadow Bandstand, Bedford _G100579

Mill Meadow Bandstand, Bedford _G100567

Mill Meadow Bandstand, Bedford _G100588

Then on to one of the footbridges crossing the river where, joy of joys, the lights were on. I’ve been itching to get shots of all the bridges along that stretch of the river in… er… a “state of illumination”.
Mid-afternoon though so it wasn’t really dark enough to get the full impact. Still, its a start.

Footbridge over the river, Bedford _G100616

Footbridge over the river, Bedford _G100624

Over the bridge then and back along Bedford’s Embankment toward the town centre.

Bedford - a stroll by the river (again!) _G100640

But I think may fave shot of the day has to be the one at the head of this post!

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5 Responses to Full of sympathy and compassion

  1. David says:

    Actually I think the photo of the Suspension Bridge lit up in daylight looks really good, better in some ways than night time photos sometimes look.

    • fotdmike says:

      Thanks David 🙂

      I was just pleased to see the lights were on. Been meaning to get down that way with a tripod when its dark but somehow its just never happened. Late afternoon/early evening is probably preferable. Best not later evening as some really dodgy characters get along the Embankment then (heard too many stories of muggings along there etc).

      So maybe this winter… who knows.

  2. forkboy says:

    But I thought you were the dodgy character?

  3. fotdmike says:

    Um… er… I was forgetting that.

  4. mywayoutnow says:

    Just noticed the colours in that last shot, the sky looks really impressive.

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