Things can always get worse

Samhain 2009 _G100385

Hallowe’en, All Hallows Eve, Samhain, Samhuinn… call it what you will. For my little bunch of folk its the start of another year, and all I hope is it’ll be a bloody sight better than this last one’s been.
Don’t want to say it couldn’t get much worse cos that would just be tempting Fate… things can always get worse!

Anyway, ever since ’79 I’ve celebrated this particular day (night?) every year in company with a very select few (and the shades of those who’ve gone before of course) and this year, thankfully, has been no exception.

And, following the precedent set last year, the cameras were once again brandished.

The complete set from the evening is here on Flickr. Enjoy… if you’re that way inclined!

P.S. the pic at the head of this post is meant to be a bit… er… “misty”. The room was filled with bloody incense smoke!

Samhain 2009 P1010317

The particular object featured in the above pic could quite legitimately be described as the start of all my woes… but that’s a tale for another day maybe.
Anyway, the general concensus was that I was seriously tempting Fate simply by photographing it.

Ho hum. Just have to invoke my fave motto… “Seemed like a good idea at the time”. Must keep reminding myself of that when I begin to regret it. Which I undoubtedly will.

All of which will be totally meaningless to everyone who’s not dabbled in the Enochian system of course… as if that concerns me. Go on then… tell me you haven’t a clue what I’m rambling on about (curse this damn senility!).

Samhain 2009 P1010277

Now this is what I call a tad disturbing…

Samhain 2009 P1010289

P.S. Mate’s pics from the evening are now here!

(Edit: Just to confuse people I’ve changed the title of this post from “The cameras were once again brandished”… cos somehow that just didn’t sit right with me. Dunno why. I’m funny like that.)

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4 Responses to Things can always get worse

  1. imetam says:

    I hope your evening went well. The pics are great.

    Our evening turned out to be very quiet. My sister’s son has pneumonia so we’ve had to “postpone” our fun.

  2. fotdmike says:

    Oh, that’s a shame. Pneumonia’s not a good thing to be having… not that any illness is of course, but p’s especially bad. I had it twice whilst I was still a toddler. First time I barely remember, but second time was nasty. Apparently parents were warned that if I got it again I’d be a gonner! Was lucky though cos dad was a nurse (as in hospital-type nurse) so knew all the right things to do. So hope sis’ son gets well soon.

    Our celebrations this year were a bit subdued too. For some unknown reason I was feeling like shit and Darren is still convalescing from an op so he wasn’t on top form either. And generally we were all a bit down I think.

  3. forkboy says:

    Must have been something in the air this Halloween past. We too were rather slow-minded, disinterested in the event and saw few trick-or-treaters.

    Maybe the sluggish economy and constant worries have caught up with everyone and is having no small impact upon their health?

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