Given that some people regard photography as a creative pursuit

This has to be my strangest blogpost yet (well, on this blog at least)… a post about a post about a book! Hmm.

Anyway, sad little bugger that I am, a few weeks back (hmm… quite a few weeks back, now I come to think of it) I signed up to that Twitter nonsense. (Just wish they’d thought of a different name. “Twitter” sounds so… er… twee.)

Very sound pragmatic reason for doing it actually (cos I’m really not into the “this is what I’m doing every five minutes of my life” sorta thing… who the hell would be interested anyway? Not that I’m criticising anyone who does use it that way of course. We’ve all gotta get our kicks where we can).
No, my “sound pragmatic reason” was much more to do with the fact that certain bunches of people with whom I associate from time to time have started using it to… er… well, “organise stuff” I s’pose you could say.

Nuff of that. Sufficient to know I’m signed up to this little service.

And occasionally I’ll “tweet” (yucch) a blogpost or pic or something.

And have discovered the joys/usefulness/interestingness of retweeting selected stuff. Neat. Its quite fun having a quick means of sharing stuff that you think may be of interest to some other folk.

And of course receiving stuff from folk on your carefully pruned “following” list; stuff that they think’s interesting and shareworthy.

Occasionally, through this means, I’ll discover something really really interesting.
So it was this evening. Mate of mine tweets a link to what looks suspiciously like a book review of some sort or another. Not fussed about that. Point is, this review, notes, whatever, is absolutely brilliant!

Well, I’ve gotta say that… mainly cos it sort of encapsulates what’s pretty much been my “life philosophy” for, ooh, most of my life far as I can recollect. Just never articulated it quite as thoroughly, or entertainingly.

So that’s one good reason for giving it a plug here. And the other? Well, given that some people (heh heh) regard photography as a creative pursuit, its entirely relevant to that too.

Here ya go then, check it out: “Ignore Everybody – by Hugh MacLeod” on the Derek Sivers site. It’ll be five minutes or so well spent!

And a tiddly little credit to mate, for sharing. Cheers!

P.S. For anyone that’s interested, I’m here on Twitter!

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Occasional photographer; occasional writer/blogger; occasional activist; occasional computer-geek. Bit of a fool really.
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2 Responses to Given that some people regard photography as a creative pursuit

  1. imetam says:

    thanks for sharing the link! indeed five minutes well spent!

  2. forkboy says:

    I forgot to mention that I enjoyed the link. My bad.

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