I’m sure he did it just to annoy me

So, after all the excitement of my unexpected visitors (see last post) I carry on getting meself ready for a trip into town for a meet-up with mate. (Getting to be a bit of a habit this… not that I’m knocking it.)

Sky looked fairly overcast and I was guessing it might be a bit chilly, so obviously time to get the fleece out.

Hmm. By the time I get into town though the Sun’s decided to show its face, and its getting… er… bloody warm.
Off with the fleece then; just a shame I left the sunglasses at home. Oh well.

Mate however, just to be contrary, decides to grab himself some shades. I’m sure he did it just to annoy me!

Some cool guy in flash wraparound sunglasses _G109948

Anyway, after a spot of late breakfast (or early lunch maybe) we decide to jump on a bus and head out toward Ampthill… a smallish town about seven or eight miles (I’m guessing) from Bedford.

Well, I say “town” cos that’s how most Ampthillians (hey… I’ve just invented a word!) seem to think of it. But to my mind its really little more than a large village.


By this time it was really sunny and gorgeously warm so we spent a pleasant coupla hours there exercising our cameras.
And what a lovely place to be! It has to be one of the county’s more picturesque villages (er… “towns”), and it seems entirely possible we may well make a return visit at some point (so much left unexplored there!).

The full set’s on Flickr of course, but here’s a few tasters…

Ampthill, Bedfordshire _G109858

Ampthill, Bedfordshire _G109923

Ampthill, Bedfordshire _G109926

Ampthill, Bedfordshire _G109959

And that last one was taken from the window of the moving bus as we travelled back to Bedford! That’ll be a first for me! (Awkward sod that mate is though, he’d decided we should sit on the lower deck. We would’ve had much better views from the upper deck. Dipstick! I’m sure he did it just to annoy me… or have I already said that?)

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6 Responses to I’m sure he did it just to annoy me

  1. forkboy says:

    It looked to be a beautiful day. Very lucky for you. Mostly cloud and rain here for the past five or so days.

    • fotdmike says:

      That sucks 😦

      Yeah, it was gorgeous here on Tuesday. Gotta make the most of it nowadays cos the weather seems to change on an almost daily basis. No consistency whatsoever.

  2. imetam says:

    Looks like a very nice village. I need a holiday, perhaps I’ll head across the pond…and not come back.

    • fotdmike says:

      You’re most welcome Tam. And indeed its a lovely little village (though Ampthillians insist on calling it a town for some bizarre reason).

      We had a super few hours there (almost one of which was squandered in a local hostelry whilst we revived ourselves with some fine ale) but were a bit limited in where we could go cos mate had to be back in Bedford by a certain time.

      So we left loads unexplored. 😦

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