Just goes to show

Recognise this place?

At The Bear... again! _G109807

Yep, its my favourite watering hole, The Bear pub in Bedford.

Seems like ages since I last shot any pics in there. Not cos I’ve been absent (well, not apart from the odd week here and there); its just that, well, inspiration therein seemed to have died for a while.

But it all started up again today when mate commented on the quality of the light (and shadows) in the pool room. So I takes a gander and, cos we had the cameras out and were playing with them anyway, decide to grab me a couple of shots or so.

At The Bear... again! _G109786

Then, suddenly I was seeing other things I wanted to shoot. Great.

Mate also. With his camera having been returned good as new he was messing around trying his hand at some black & white shots… which The Bear really does seem to lend itself to.
I’m now quite impatient to see the results of his efforts.

At The Bear... again! _G109802

Just goes to show… take a break from a place or location for a while and the interest comes flooding back!

About fotdmike

Occasional photographer; occasional writer/blogger; occasional activist; occasional computer-geek. Bit of a fool really.
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2 Responses to Just goes to show

  1. Maggie says:

    I really like that last picture. The same thing happened to me this summer. I was home for about 4 months (the longest time for me in about 2 years) so a month into being home I ran out of inspirtation of what to take pictures of and barely traveled because I was just that busy. Great to see you back taking pictures there.

    • fotdmike says:

      Thanks Maggie 🙂

      Yeah, I quite enjoyed this little session. And it was a relaxing change from some of the more hectic sessions I’ve had recently… if you get my drift 😉

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