Two birds with one stone then

An excess of drain covers! _G109640

Well, you can tell I’m back… two posts in a single day!

Having returned from my little adventures southward I really felt in need of a nice, calm, relaxing pic-taking session devoid of the constraints to which my other photo-type activities are so often subjected.

And of course I had to meet up with mate to retrieve my little black boxes (my photo archive backups that are entrusted to mate’s tender care whilst I’m away for any length of time).

Two birds with one stone then.

Don’t think mate’s heart was totally in it cos he’s still fretting over the non-arrival of his camera from Pentax, who’re supposed to be repairing it for him. This despite my trying to reassure him that his Canon’s perfectly able to produce reasonable pics providing he allows for its limitations and capabilities.
(It’ll teach him to be a bloody sight more careful with it in future though. Heh heh.)
I of course am still afflicted with dusty sensor problems… but I’m really not letting it bug me overmuch. Hell, a few blobs on the pics adds a bit of character! And they’re only really noticeable above f/8 anyway, whereas I normally shoot at f/5.6 or larger.

So, a saunter around some of the less-frequented parts of Bedford (less frequented by us that is) in search of whatever may catch our eye.

Bedford's hidden places _G109561

Plus we had a mind to grab a few shots of the Bedford skyline from somewhere on high, though it didn’t work out quite as planned. The scene we’d visualised in our minds simply wasn’t happening once we’d arrived at what we thought was the ideal spot. Too many bloody houses, trees and stuff kept getting in the way!

Overlooking Bedford from Manton Heights _G109597

We actually discussed the possibility of buying them all up, knocking everything down, shooting our pics, then re-selling everything on at a profit (that’ll be my step-by-step guide on how to make money out of photography). But mate reckoned the plan was a little too complicated, so we decided not.

Just as well really cos we’re both as poor as church mice anyway.

Bedford scenes _G109550

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4 Responses to Two birds with one stone then

  1. The Juicer says:

    Haha..yes..I laughed out loud when I read this post! I will take the onus to launch a mass awareness campaign whenever you decide to publish that step-by-step guide:)
    Good to have you back Mike.

  2. fotdmike says:

    Thanks Juicer. Its good to be back and beginning to take things easy again.

    Well, I haven’t totally given up on the scheme. Just one or two minor little details to sort out first though. Like who’s going to be mug enterprising enough to bung me a few million quid… just to get started sort of thing.


  3. forkboy says:

    I don’t know…you would probably become insufferably smug with your new-found riches. We prefer your down-to-Earth nature.


  4. fotdmike says:

    Ok then, guess I’ll just have to stick with my down-to-earth smugness.


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