Drab day

Mondays are usually a bit of a chill-out day for me. Almost invariably following stressful weekends. Well, always following weekends of course, and generally weekends are kinda stressful. My weekends tend to be at least. Stressful that is. In one way or another.


So, Mondays are chill-out days. Try not to do a lot. Slob around basically. Stay indoors, drink loadsa coffee, and shun everyone. Phones too. Don’t like ’em at the best of times, and as for mobiles I can hardly use the bloody things anyway. Can never find anything on them and when I do I usually end up pressing the wrong button and have to start all over. Curse them. So Mondays all phones of whatever type are definitely taboo.

Computers usually figure in it somewhere as well. Messing around thereon. Which is a bit daft really cos its generally computers that have been the source of stress over the weekend. Either them, or people. Or people doing stupid things with computers.
But at least my computers tend to work ok. Well, most of the time.

Yesterday was somewhat different though cos had to wander into town to pay a coupla bills. Not my favourite task.

So there I am, in town, and naturally hook up with mate.

Him finishing work we have a little wander around.

Drab day. Grey skies. Drizzly (well, an occasional shower; but what the hell). Him in a drab mood. Me too. Maybe a little mooch around by the river will brighten us up. Possibly even a pic or two. But heart’s not really in it.

However… having plonked ourselves down on the river bank we find we seem to be squatting in a colony of these little characters…

Bedford - by the river again _G106975

Well, they certainly weren’t being drab. Positively lively in fact. Not one of them would stay still long enough for either of us to get an even half-way decent shot. Oh well.

And of course just to reinforce my inherent dislike of people (hmm… most people at least) there’s the inevitable litter floating around. A CD in the river…

Bedford - by the river again _G107005

and a fag packet in a tree wouldya believe!

Bedford - by the river again _G106998

On the positive side, the drabness of the day did seem to bring out the colours in the pics rather nicely. Odd.

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Occasional photographer; occasional writer/blogger; occasional activist; occasional computer-geek. Bit of a fool really.
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5 Responses to Drab day

  1. Tam says:

    i have found that showers/drizzle/grey skies really bring out the color green. I was in my backyard over a week ago snapping a few pics after it had rained. When I processed the pics, I noticed how extremely green the leaves and grass looked. It was nice.

    As far as litter, well, I get really pissy about folks who litter without any thought. Really irritates me.

  2. fotdmike says:

    I was amazed by the colour of these once I’d got them into Lightroom, cos on the camera’s LCD they all looked pretty grey and lifeless (how many times do I have to re-learn the lesson that the onboard LCD’s useless? All it seems good for really is checking exposure).

    I rather wish now we’d tried shooting a few more.

    And the litter, well, its just everywhere. It truly does annoy me.

  3. mywayoutnow says:

    LITTER, huge annoyance of mine too! not a lot more I can say on that subject.
    Like the photo’s, it was a damp and miserable day yesterday wasnt it! at least you manage to get some pics, I stayed out of the wet, and today no photo’s, too busy racing around to take the time for any pictures!

  4. fotdmike says:

    Well, I had every intention of having a little jaunt today but basically was just too knackered after a virtually sleepless night. So stayed at home and had a little sesh with some smoking kit instead.
    Now, looking out at the glorious sunshine, I’m beginning to feel a bit regretful, so might still go out for a coupla hours this evening… if I manage not to fall asleep first!

  5. forkboy says:

    I have never understood the apparent disregard so many folks display for nature. I mean, really. How difficult is it to place garbage in a proper receptacle?

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