I’ve not been entirely idle

Clouds _G106902

Not a lot photo-wise this week. Basically just a few cloud pics.

Snapped ’em whilst waiting at the bus stop. Was seriously tempted to snap a few more but the bus came along so… er… I didn’t.
Shame really as they began to develop into something quite interesting. Oh well.

Also a coupla shots of a silly little leaflet I spotted at the ol’ watering hole and about which, in my honoured capacity as a guest contributor, I have a few choice words on mate’s Zombies blog. Heh heh.

BedSafe alcohol consumption guidance leaflet _G106908

I’ve not been entirely idle though. Gave the old home site a bit of a revamp. Nothing really major for most of it but did add a new page with a load of slideshows on. (It was selecting the pics and creating the slideshows that’s taken most of my time the past coupla days!)
All the pics (or versions thereof at least) appear somewhere in my Flickr photostream but the selections are a sort of “distillation” of the better ones (well, in my opinion anyway) and structured around different themes. And they’re in slideshow format of course.
If anyone wants to check them out they’re here.

And that’ll be about my lot for this week I suspect.

Clouds _G106903

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Occasional photographer; occasional writer/blogger; occasional activist; occasional computer-geek. Bit of a fool really.
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