Bedford’s ablaze with colour

Bedford - The Embankment _G105238

Desperately trying to make up for lost time (see last post) thought I’d wander out to grab some more pics today.
Nothing to do with the fact that it was gorgeously sunny weather of course (if it carries on like this then we may be heading for some sort of heat wave!) and that I had nothing much better to do.

Anyway, I ended up in town. That wasn’t actually my original plan or intended destination. What I’d initially had in mind was to head toward a little village a couple of miles or so northward of Bedford, but somehow I didn’t seem to get quite that far.

Got waylaid in fact by what seemed to be the sudden and mysterious appearance of absolutely masses of flowers along Bedford’s Embankment.
Seems Bedford’s now ablaze with colour. So of course I had to record the event (and I do so like flowers).

Bedford - The Embankment _G105247

Bedford - The Embankment _G105233

After which, well, the urge to travel any further afield appeared to have dissipated somewhat. So instead ended up in my favourite watering hole for a spot of refreshment.

Stopping en route for a shot or two of the market…

Bedford market _G105251

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2 Responses to Bedford’s ablaze with colour

  1. Maggie says:

    The colors are amazing! I love flower pictures from the spring! A great set also.

  2. fotdmike says:

    Thanks Maggie


    And yeah, this is pretty much how they looked (tried to keep the post-processing to a minimum). No doubt the quality of the light really helped the colours to look so vibrant.

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