Ulterior motives


Today’s little photo session wasn’t entirely an unplanned meander as so many of my pic-taking jaunts around the town often are.

Oh no. It was all intended to serve an ulterior motive. Well, two actually.

First, it was a token effort on my part to get back into some sort of shape after a winter of vegetating (slobbing around in other words), in preparation for some “exciting” (well, stressful and likely very active) adventures toward the end of this month/beginning of next.
In consequence of which, rather than my normal habit of getting the bus into town, I’d decided to walk it… a distance of probably a bit over five miles or so (well, the route I tend to follow, anyway). And with fully-laden photo backpack rather than my more customary trimmed down version! (Must admit to a bit of an upper-backache now I’m back home in the evening again… nothing a drop of the old amber nectar won’t sort out though.)

The second of my ulterior motives was to test out “for real” a new bit of kit I’ve recently acquired… an Acer notebook.

The sole purpose in getting this latest little gadget (or toy if you really must be patronising) is to enable me to upload pics (and possibly a bit of verbiage) whilst actually “in the field” so to speak.
That’s to say, when I’m covering those little events that from time to time chance my way I want to be able to get at least some photographs (likely the most “newsy” ones) and stuff online virtually in real time… “live” so to speak.

Clearly this has gotta be the way the freelance photojourno specialising in the sort of activities I cover has to go if he or she wants to have at least some chance of carving out a niche for themselves in amongst the big boys.

So of course the kit had to be tested out to make sure its “fit for purpose”.

Which indeed it is I’m pleased to report.

Impressively so in fact.

The little test involved finding somewhere relatively comfortable and safe to plonk myself, fire up the notebook, offload the RAW files from the camera to said notebook, convert the little buggers (well, not so little actually… off the GX10 they come in at an average of 16/17Mb each file) into JPEGs, do whatever processing/resizing/optimising was necessary, get online using my dongle thingie, open up my mail proggie, and then finally email a test pic to a couple of mates.
Phew… I’m quite worn out just thinking about it all now!

Thing was though, the entire process was completed totally hitch-free… and reasonably quickly. In less than the time it took me to drink a mug of coffee in fact. Result!

Um… one slight snag however.

The battery was bloody useless!

To be sure I completed the planned task… but nearly killed the battery doing so. Its a three-cell affair and although the suppliers claim up to three hours usage (depending upon the sort of usage obviously… and in fairness what I was asking of it was a bit demanding) I’d already read reviews which knocked that estimate into a cocked hat. Now borne out by my own experience. But at least it wasn’t totally unexpected.

So obviously the next priority acquisition’s gonna have to be at least a couple of the six-cell batteries as stand-bys that Acer sell. With those tucked neatly into the backpack, we’ll be getting scarily efficient.

Meawhile, battery-powered “in the field” usage is gonna have to be restricted to only the most important stuff, and I can see some time having to be spent “on jaunts” hunting for power points. Oh well, it’ll make a change to running away from the riot cops!

So, courtesy of my ulterior motives, please to enjoy some of the pics I took today (well, probably yesterday by the time I get them all uploaded etc)…





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