Beavering away

Been busy beavering away these past coupla weeks or so.

Beaver beaver beaver. Away away away.


Anyway… lots of things having to be got on with in preparation for some stuff exciting adventures toward the end of this month.
And lots of other things having to be done, not entirely unrelated to the foregoing, but more to do with where I seem to be going with all this photography caper. Or, perhaps more accurately, where all this photography caper appears to be going with me. Some of which I may have hinted at in a previous post or two. Just conceivably.

But the bugger of it is, much of all this beavering away has left precious little time for, or required, playing with the little clicky thing on top of the camera. Or any other part of the camera for that matter.


And I suspect some of what I’ve been feeling, in a rather depressing sort of way, is withdrawal symptoms.

Mind you, I’ve not been the only one with symptoms. Oho no!


Not a million miles away from me, matey (one of my rather dubious companions, and probably “best chum”) has been unwell. Ah, poorly little thing. Diddums.
So unwell in fact he’s been off work for about five weeks or so now (lazy sod) and is still not quite together. (Not that he ever was really, but that’s another subject entirely.)

Now far be it from me to reveal personal and intimate details relating to matey. Not the done thing at all. Chums just don’t do that to each other.

Sufficient to say then that periodically I take great delight in asking him how his bottom is! Not that I find the topic of his bottom especially absorbing but, well, its just gotta be done. [Heh heh snigger]

So, in that context (all of the above etc), matey and I managed to hook up today (at least he’s mobile now… just about) and, being such a gloriously sunny and Spring-like day, decided to treat ourselves to one of our little photo sessions.
Therapy of the soul for me, and much-needed exercise for him (particularly if he’s intending to be back at work next week. Which is what he claims. Though I’ve been trying to con him into believing persuade him into accepting that, purely for the sake of his health of course, he’s gonna be off for at least another… ooh, lots of time).
And, purely out of the entirely selfless desire to be helpful, I’ve been trying to tell them at his work that he’s gonna be off for lots more time yet as well. Ho hum.

(As the old saying has it, “With mates like us who needs enemies?”, or words to that effect.)

Wander into Bedford Park then, to see what we could see. And, I have to confess, I thoroughly enjoyed the day (plus having our very first ice cream of the year! Each!). Rediscovering what sheer fun wielding the camera is. And once again taking great delight in the mutual insults and abuse that seem to mark such sessions with matey.
Ailment hasn’t dulled his wit at all, I noticed. Not that I would have taken advantage of it had it done so. I just wouldn’t sink to such a despicable thing. Er…


Plus (bonus!) some reasonably decent pics to show for it all. Well, I’m rather pleased with them at least…




Alas poor matey, I don’t think it was quite as much fun for him as, despite our agreement at the outset, we wandered quite a bit further than we’d intended and I suspect he found it all a little bit wearying.
Not that he was gonna get any sympathy from me, mind you. Oh no. Not that he’d expect it either. Were that to happen it’d be a sure sign that I’d be ailing meself. In the head prob’ly.


The Park wasn’t the only place we got a few pics though. Nope. A few choice shots from a coupla other places around the town as well…




Ne’er mind matey. You’ll be back fighting fit again soon 😉

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Occasional photographer; occasional writer/blogger; occasional activist; occasional computer-geek. Bit of a fool really.
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11 Responses to Beavering away

  1. forkboy says:

    It’s nice to read that you and matey were out and about, snapping pics, stabbing each other with rapier wit and generally having a good time.

    I’m certain the two of you will make a great couple 😉

  2. tam says:

    lol. Glad you both had a good time. It appears that Spring is in full bloom over there? It is here. This weekend is going to be warm and sunny. I believe more flower pictures are in my future. 🙂

  3. fotdmike says:

    Yep, Spring is definitely happening Tam. I know it is cos I actually caught myself doing a bit of tidying up at home!


  4. tam says:

    HA HA HA (snort)…ha, er…um… (laughing at forkboy)

  5. tam says:


    no, I wasn’t laughing at you…it was forkboy’s comment about the emphasis on bit. It just struck me funny.


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