Dunno what it is about water




For no particular reason that I can think of, the past few photo sessions I’ve had have seen me out and about with the trusty old GX10 whilst the Canon’s languished away indoors gathering dust.

Well, taking pity on it I thought I’d take it out for a walk today. It had probably begun to feel a bit unwanted. And the jaunt also served as a refresher so that I don’t completely forget how to use the damn thing.

One thing I wasn’t going to do though was take a load more river shots. Oh no. Far too many of them already.

Dunno what it is about water though… once I see it, and hear it, and smell it, well.
And of course its been a long time (must be all of a coupla weeks or so) since I’ve done any river shots on a day quite as grey as today, with the colours all washed out and everything.

There we are then… a few more river shots. And some pics of a fairly ugly church.



The camera seemed to lap it up though (but I still prefer the GX10!).


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3 Responses to Dunno what it is about water

  1. forkboy says:

    I really like your first picture. The rushing water to the right and the big splash on the left work to great effect together.

    The last picture….is that called snow drop? The plant that is….

  2. Maggie says:

    Nice variety. I love taking pictures of fast moving water. They always come out really nice.

  3. fotdmike says:

    It actually turned out to be quite a good little session, though I’d started off a bit unenthusiasticaly.
    Its odd, but that splash on the left of the first pic looks almost “furry” to me. Weird!

    And yes forkboy, I do suspect it is a snowdrop… and this was the very first photo I’ve ever taken of them! Gonna have to check the garden now to see if I’ve got any. Have had some in previous years.
    Them, daffs and bluebells… I think they’re all really neat flowers.

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