I might, just conceivably, be doing something wrong


Another public meeting; another invitation to attend for pic-taking purposes; another screw-up!

Okay, this time the screw-up was only a minor one, and easily rectified. Thing is though, it should never have happened, and wouldn’t have happened if anyone with even a half-ounce of brains had been behind the camera. Or indeed someone paying attention to what they were actually doing.

Looking on the bright side though, I s’pose I deserve top marks for finding an endless succession of increasingly stupid things to do whilst pretending to be the ultra-sussed photographer.

So there was I, busy snapping away, and mulling over the frequently-encountered dilemma of just how many pics I could take of a fairly static audience and some guys sat behind a desk on the platform before I started photographing things like the light switch, my camera bag, that wire trailing across the floor, the water bottles, my thumbnail, and virtually anything else… just to add a bit of variety.

“I know” I mutter to myself, “I’ll change the lens… that’ll make it more interesting”.

Now, as it happens I’d departed from my customary practise of lugging two cameras with me, each fitted with a different lens.
Just the one camera, so this time a lens-change actually meant a lens change.
Quickly whip off the 17-70 then and slap on the 55-200.

Zoom in for some close-ups of the speakers.

“Strange” thinks I, “doesn’t look much different from what it was before.”

Anyway, undeterred I snap away, moving around to get different angles and seemingly unable to zoom in as close as I’d expected. Not to worry though.

Bored with that, change lenses again, back to the 17-70.

Few more shots, then decide to give the long lens another go. How bizarre… similar sort of effect (i.e., marked absence of anticipated zoom). “Hmm… must be something to do with the lighting.” Daft I know, but what else could possibly account for the oddity?

So I plough through this routine a couple of more times before it begins to dawn on me that I might, just conceivably, be doing something wrong.

Um… yep!

Sure enough I’d taken the 17-70 off. And sure enough I’d put another lens on. Not the 55-200 though. Oh no. The… er… 18-55!
Well, they look similar… they’re both black!

Fortunately no-one seemed to have a clue what I was up to (including myself evidently), so I was able to just carry on as though I knew what I was doing. Ho hum.





About fotdmike

Occasional photographer; occasional writer/blogger; occasional activist; occasional computer-geek. Bit of a fool really.
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7 Responses to I might, just conceivably, be doing something wrong

  1. myphotoscout says:

    How funny. That has never happened to me, but my wide lenses all look different from my telephoto lenses. You must have been totally immersed in your shooting to notice so late.

  2. fotdmike says:

    Yeah, my lenses look different too, apart from their all being black. I like the idea of having been totally immersed in what I was doing (have to try to remember that one for when I next need a good excuse, probably within the next week or so!) but basically I was just away with the fairies I think.


  3. tam says:

    Well, at least you were able to get some good pictures.

  4. fotdmike says:

    Hmm, I keep getting asked back so they can’t be too displeased with them 🙂

    There’s me and another guy who always seems to get to do the sound and film. I’ll occasionally take the videocam along with a spare tripod, and a digicorder, and he’ll take charge of those as well. We’ve almost formed our own sort of mini “vision and sound team”. Heh heh.

  5. forkboy says:

    Oh my friend fotdmike….you really had me laughing this early afternoon. Mistaking your 18-55 for your 55-200 and not realizing it while snapping away merrily. Damn man…that’s truly a hoot!

    Reminds me of that time just after I purchased the 70-200mm lens and was out shooting the birds, but had left the self-timer activated on my camera. I only had to shoot 7 or 8 shots before I realized that it wasn’t the new lens malfunctioning, but me being a complete and utter git.

  6. Maggie says:

    Some great photo journalism pictures! I love the close up one of the hands, the last one. That sucks about the lense, but sounds like something I would do.

  7. fotdmike says:

    forkboy: Nice that I’m giving pleasure to someone 😉

    Well. as you know, I originally started this blog with the intention of it being principally a semi-humourous record of my photo-related “stupidities”, of which I really do seem to manage an infinite succession.
    The ulterior motive being of course as a constant reminder to me never to take myself too seriously.

    Maggie: Thanks 🙂

    I seem to do a fair bit of stuff for these folk so obviously they like my particular style or approach to things.
    The “hands shot” has become a sort of standard shot for me with events like this. Recommended to me by another photojourno, a mate of mine, who reckons its a way of capturing emotional states etc without photographing someone’s face.

    As for the lens business, yeah, bloody typical!

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