The snow lasted!


As mentioned in my previous post, “if the snow lasts there’ll probably be a few more to come”… pics that is, not posts. Though those too of course.
Okay, having got that potential misunderstanding out the way, I can carry on.

And as I also mentioned in an added comment to my previous post, “Hoping to get into town a bit later today and I’m rather interested to see what ‘joys to behold’ await me there. Got a rather nasty feeling it’ll be little other than grey sludge though… if that.

If so, well, I’ll probably end up with a few more shots of my favourite haunts down by the river.”

Well, I did get into town a bit later today. Um… yesterday now, actually. Tuesday, that would be. (Yep, another potential misunderstanding dealt with. This is great!).
In fact, rather earlier than I anticipated. So, instead of just taking a brief saunter along by the river (cos my suspicion that there’d be little other than a grey sludge in the town centre was pretty nearly right) I ventured somewhat further afield… to the Priory Country Park.
And had a thoroughly enjoyable time there, bagging quite a few pics that seem to have turned out reasonably well (imo, anyway). Naturally they’re all now uploaded to Flickr.
Think I’m beginning to quite enjoy taking snow shots.

What helped of course was that the morning’s weather was really nice, very sunny with a lovely sky, and starting to warm up a little bit too.




[Yep, the above shot (and its companion on Flickr) had me laying down to shoot it. Had anyone spotted me they must’ve thought I was completely mad. Sounds about right to me]

But returning to town (via The Embankment) the Sun decided it’d had enough and retired for the day, giving way to a gradual build-up of what were looking suspiciously like more snow clouds… so now I’m being a bit hopeful about tomorrow too (um… later today actually. And there’s another… oh, sod it).


But before finishing, another little tale…

Having ventured forth into the wilds of the Country Park I encountered two young ladies busy upon the task of building themselves a snowman. Well, it had to be done, didn’t it? So I asked them if they’d mind having their pic taken. That too had to be done, didn’t it? Happy to oblige, they were. Very friendly.


Then, passing that way again a little later in the morning on my slow return into town, they were still there. But this time with Mr Snowman finished. So they called out to me to go over and invited me to take a pic or three of him… providing I took their pic on their mobile phones, standing by his side.
Naturally I obliged. But what an absolute idiot I felt, standing their with my whacking great dSLR, having to ask them to explain to me how to take photos with mobile phones!


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6 Responses to The snow lasted!

  1. forkboy says:

    Well there’s your first problem…..”whacking great dSLR“.

    As if.


    Next, the appropriate thing would have been to suggest to the young ladies that a nip of brandy, wine, whiskey, etc. would help them to shake-off the cold and to further suggest retirement to whatever local pub could provide such.

    You really shouldn’t let these golden opportunities pass so readily!

  2. fotdmike says:

    “Appropriate” you say? Seems to me you really can’t get your head around what’s appropriate behaviour for decent, self-respecting photographers.

  3. forkboy says:

    Sorry…..I haven’t met any “…decent, self-respecting photographers,” on Flickr.

    Not the sort with which I would associate anyway….


  4. fotdmike says:

    Hmm, now you come to mention it I doubt if any decent self-respecting photographer would want to associate with you anyway.


  5. forkboy says:

    And that my friend is why we communicate!

  6. fotdmike says:

    Hmm… I get the feeling you’re trying to tell me something


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