A bit premature


Okay, so maybe I was a bit premature last month when I was rather dismissive of the “snowfall” we’d had.

For we’re now in the middle of what’s being described as an “extreme weather event”, with temperatures dropping to lows that haven’t been seen for years, up to 40mph winds (or so they predict) and “significant” quantities of snow being dumped on us.
All right, maybe its not that spectacular compared to what some countries have had or are experiencing, but for here its still a bit unusual. Certainly for the past few years anyway.

As usual of course, my particular part of the world seems to be getting away with it fairly lightly (so far at least) but neverthless the event still had to be documented.
Leastways, that was the argument I used to persuade myself to venture out into it.

Which I did, after spending the best part of the day mulling over whether or not I could really be bothered.
Consequently, it wasn’t until dusk was approaching that I got myself kitted up (minimum photo kit, maximum protective clothing!) and sauntered out.

Along to the proximity of the local hostelry actually (ho hum).


So after firing off a few shots I repaired thereto for some warming refreshment, finding it a very friendly and obliging establishment.
Only snag was, they’d run out of whisky (oh pooh!) so I had to resort to brandy.
I don’t know why I don’t visit there more often though I s’pose its cos I’m not really that much into socialising.

Anyway, I’ve now uploaded to Flickr the meagre fruits of this first little jaunt… and if the snow lasts there’ll probably be a few more to come.




One thing I did discover was the irritation of taking pics whilst its still snowing, albeit very lightly/finely. The damn stuff keeps messing up the lens, ruining numerous shots that would otherwise have been quite acceptable.
Windscreen wipers for lenses maybe?

The other thing I discovered was how dramatically the overall colour tone of a shot can be changed by the street lighting etc, and one’s proximity thereto (something I’d not particularly noticed before in the various after-dark shots I’ve done in the town centre).

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7 Responses to A bit premature

  1. tam says:

    these are gorgeous. I am SO jealous. All we ever get is rain. 😦

  2. fotdmike says:

    Well, it certainly looks nice enough at the moment. Hoping to get into town a bit later today and I’m rather interested to see what “joys to behold” await me there. Got a rather nasty feeling it’ll be little other than grey sludge though… if that.

    If so, well, I’ll probably end up with a few more shots of my favourite haunts down by the river.

  3. forkboy says:

    I have been known to shoot using an umbrella while standing in the falling snow. I know it looks goofy and it can be difficult to hold the umbrella (usually using the neck and shoulder to pinch the centre rod) while keeping both hands on the camera, but it does keep the front of the lens free of snow!

  4. fotdmike says:

    An umbrella eh? That reminds me… a mate and I discussed doing that a coupla years back when we were both covering a demo where it was peeing with really fine rain. (Fortunately the rain was intermittent so when we arrived at the static demo after a longish march it had stopped and we didn’t really have any problems.)
    Anyway, we were thinking along the lines of those little “mini umbrellas” one can get… the ones with shorter collapsible handles… the sort women sometimes carry in their handbags.
    Thought it might be an idea to make one a bit of our standard equipment to carry in our photokit bags.

    I messed around with one a bit when I got back home. Cos I usually wear one of those multi-pocket vest type thingies I stuck the end of the handle in a top pocket of the vest and attached the centre rod to the rucksack strap with a small carabiner. It was a bit cumbersome, but it seemed to work… sort of. And the arrangement made it hands-free.

    Looked bloody stupid though. Not that such a thing would deter me of course. 😉

    Dammit, I wish I’d remembered that!

    On second thoughts though, I’m wondering if I would have been bothered to set it up… always assuming I can remember where I put it (inevitably one of those places that fit the “I’ll keep it here so I won’t forget where it is” syndrome!).

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  6. forkboy says:

    I have this feeling, if you will, that you and any umbrella would likely enjoy the same sort of relationship such that you have with tripods: own enough of them, but never remember to bring them!

  7. fotdmike says:

    Funny you should say that…

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