The night of the 4th/5th January and all’s well. Well, it would have been, apart from the fact that it snowed! Not sure that constitutes things not being all well though.
Anyway, Bedford saw its first snowfall of ’09, as did my own village.

Clearly the camera had to be pressed into service to record the event, so I hung around twiddling my thumbs until it was just about light enough to get some reasonable pics, and then out there into the thick of it.
Though it wasn’t actually all that thick at all really. More like a token snowfall.
Nevertheless, still worth a few shots. And it was sufficient for me to have fallen victim to a couple of snowballs! What I wanna know is, why do all my mates always seem to behave so damn childishly? I just don’t understand it. Its not as if I encourage them at all. Though woe betide them when it next snows!

I don’t doubt that one of the resulting pics will probably qualify as yet another January contribution to that Photo Themes Group… just haven’t decided which one yet.

One thing I was intrigued by… just how much the snow reflects the rapidly changing early morning light… in more ways than one.
The day started really grey with snow-laden clouds all over the sky, then the sun began to peep through. And not just peep through, but peep through with a vengeance! Really bright in fact. Then more clouds, the colour of which was of course changing as the day advanced. And so on. From a photographic point of view it meant fun and games with exposures and white balance. Particularly as the quality of the light was completely different depending upon  which way I was facing! So quite an interesting time experimenting with both in-camera settings and tweaking the RAW files afterwards, though I eventually gave up on trying to establish any sort of colour consistency between one pic and the next.




More pics on my Flickr!

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7 Responses to Snow!

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  2. tam says:

    Oh I am so jealous! I really wish we’d get snow. All we have is 70 degrees and rain…oh and we had a tornado today.

    I am keeping my fingers crossed that we get some snow this year. When we do, you’ll see pics. 🙂

    I really like your pics. They are beautiful.

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  4. fotdmike says:

    Don’t be too jealous Tam, it was a bit of a poor effort for snow really. Just a thin covering in places, some icy patches, and that was about it. And here we are, a couple of days later, and its virtually all gone.

  5. forkboy says:

    So Mother Nature was in an uncooperative mode with you as well. Probably serves you right for hanging out with me (at least in some Internet fashion) seeing how I manage such a contentious relationship with that deranged female.

    And while not a snow pic…..really enjoying the leaf and water one at the end.

  6. fotdmike says:

    Funny that, I don’t see it as being unco-operative. I see it as being obligingly sweet-tempered… given that I don’t really want to have a load of snow dumped on me, preventing me from getting provisions, working, etc. You gotta remember… I live out in the wilds of rural Bedfordshire! Taking that into account, I’ll happily forego the opportunity for some good pics.

    Heh heh. Yeah, you’re right, it isn’t a snow pic in the sense that there’s snow anywhere in it… though that drop of water’s probably melted snow. But its in the snow pics batch cos I took it at the same time, sorta thing. So look on it as a snow pic depicting the absence of snow… a sort of reverse snow pic if you like.


    Come to think of it, that last comment of mine suggests a whole new photographic genre… photographing things that aren’t there. Should work really well for you. I can just imagine your pic captions…

    “Here’s a shot of a bird that wasn’t there”

    “Photograph of a storm that didn’t happen”

    “Snap of the sky without a beautiful cloud formation”

    “Note the absence of anything interesting whatsoever in this picture”

    And so on.

    Heh heh 😆

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