Gorgeously pathetic


As in previous years the decades-old (surely they can’t be new?) Christmas decorations of The Bear were once again dragged out to festoon that worthy (?) establishment’s fixtures and fittings.

And once again they looked gorgeously pathetic.

Now in fairness I have to admit that I didn’t get the chance to inspect the decorations until almost a week after Christmas Day, and my mate assures me that they were rather more splendid then… but have since been trashed somewhat.

I’m not entirely certain I wholly believe him.



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Occasional photographer; occasional writer/blogger; occasional activist; occasional computer-geek. Bit of a fool really.
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3 Responses to Gorgeously pathetic

  1. tam says:

    The Bear dressed up is great. Now, the middle picture, is that a Christmas tree?

  2. fotdmike says:

    Well, that’s what its supposed to be. But its such a forlorn and bedraggled looking speciman I really do wonder why they bothered. And its probably as ancient as the rest of the decorations!

  3. forkboy says:

    If I weren’t already depressed from Xmas, I would be now.

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