An idle hour or so to kill


Way way back when, all of about 14 months ago (hmm, very shortly after I got the GX10 I do believe) I had this stupid idea of photographing crystals.
I think it was really just an excuse to have a play with the then new camera actually.
Well, I did. Shot a whole batch of pics and can’t say I was overly enthralled by any of them. Having ditched the real rubbish I finally uploaded nine to Flickr. And even those I wasn’t particularly pleased with.

SG100017 SG100040
Here we are then, 14 months on, and with an idle hour or so to kill.

So thought I’d revisit that little experiment, this time with a full arsenal of cameras. Rubbish results from the 400D, one just about reasonable from the GX10, but the real surprise was from the DiMAGE Z6 point’n’shoot… over a dozen shots I thought possibly worth bunging on Flickr (and had the camera been RAW-capable I probably could have extracted more from them. Pity!).

Still not especially overawed by them, but I think they’re a bit better than my first attempt. Well, I prefer them anyway.




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8 Responses to An idle hour or so to kill

  1. tam says:

    They are beautiful. I love crystals. Love the star burst on the amethyst.

  2. Maggie says:

    They are a really great set of photos. I really like the top and then the second from the bottom or the purple one. The light and the colors of the crystals are captured really well.

  3. fotdmike says:

    Thanks you two 🙂

    Although the detail resolution’s not as defined as I’d prefer (but that could be down to the camera; after all its only an old 6Mp point’n’shoot so the sensor/lens combination prob’ly leaves something to be desired) I was actually quite impressed with the results, mainly the composition and lighting.

    I messed around quite a bit with various lighting effects, principally using a couple of bog-standard desktop lamps and a torch!

    The starburst was added in afterwards to turn the flaw of a burned out highlight into a feature. Did it with a couple of others in the batch as well.

  4. forkboy says:

    Whoa. Stop right there. You cannot, repeat, cannot say things like “Rubbish results from the 400D, one just about reasonable from the GX10, but the real surprise was from the DiMAGE Z6 point’n’shoot…” without offering some information about why you thought those images rubbish.

    After all….the lowly p&s outshines both the Canon and the Samsung? Was it even a fair competition (all cameras with the exact same settings)?

    You have to provide us with more insight into these events. There is a story to be told here. Now get crackin’.

  5. fotdmike says:

    Oh yes I can… and in fact I did!

    And what a stupid thing to say: “all cameras with the exact same settings”… you know very well one can’t get exactly the same settings with a point’n’shoot as with a dSLR in every given situation. Silly man!

    Anyway, I wasn’t doing, nor was I intending to do, a kit comparison for review purposes, but simply shooting in a way that seemed appropriate, for each camera/lens combination, to the subject matter. So the approach you suggest (silly man) wouldn’t even have been relevant.

    The simple truth of the matter is of course that, absent a proper macro lens for either of the dSLRs, the macro function on the DiMAGE outperformed them. Had either of the dSLRs had a proper macro lens then I don’t doubt the results would have been significantly different. Obvious really (silly man).
    That aside though, I was pleasantly surprised (and impressed) by just how well the DiMAGE shots came out.
    Sufficient to tempt me to have another little session with it (and some more crystals) a bit later on in fact.


  6. fotdmike says:

    A p.s. to my last comment… well, looks as though the idea of another session with the DiMAGE and crystals is well and truly scuppered now cos I’ve sort of rather messed up the point’n’shoot. This post explains.


    However, what this does mean is that I now have a very good justification for getting a brand new one. Oh joy! (Er… when funds permit!)


  7. forkboy says:

    No, no, no. I wasn’t expecting a kit comparo, but an explanation for why you thought the non p&s shots were rubbish. You didn’t explain that you were getting less than desirable results because you couldn’t macro with the dSLRs.

    And one could argue that you could use similar settings between cameras in an attempt to make for a level playing field (shooting all in aperture priority, wide-open aperture, same ISO, etc.).


    Sorry to read about the demise of the p&s. The circumstances surrounding its death sound suspiciously like something I would have done. I’m not known for my grace and coordination.

  8. fotdmike says:

    If I had been doing a kit comparison then it may have made sense to attempt to achieve similar settings. I know some folk love doing things like that. But generally I don’t. And I wasn’t. So I didn’t.
    I was simply shooting some crystals. So obviously I opted for what I considered the best approach appropriate to each particular camera, given the differing lenses with which they were equipped. And the macro shots looked a helluva lot better than the others. Simple as that really.

    Re the KM, though I’ve been toying with the idea of replacing it for some time, now I’m compelled to do it if I’m to have a point’n’shoot at all is a bit annoying.
    Plus I’m annoyed with myself for being so damned careless and not anticipating the possibility of such an “accident”.

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