A bit of a bonus


Monday I went into town principally to get a few last-minute odds and ends of groceries before the stupid shopping disruption that is Christmas really asserts itself.

Didn’t plan on or anticipate getting any photographs (although, inevitably, I had the kit with me). Absolutely no intention to do so in fact.

Naturally I had to call in at The Bear for regulation refreshment. And I’d forgotten that mate finishes work a bit earlier on Mondays, which he was on the verge of doing as I arrived.

Two of us? Cameras in bags? Just under an hour or so of usable winter’s afternoon light left? Well, its obvious what was going to happen really.

“How about grabbing some shots of Christmas shoppers then?” I ask.

So we do a bit of a circular tour of the market.




Light fading fast another thought occurs. When we’d last been out photographing the town the Council workmen hadn’t erected Christmas illuminations along the High Street. Not this year. Some stupid Health & Safety issue… apparently the buildings aren’t strong enough to support them, or something equally daft.

No… surely that can’t be right? All those buildings down the High Street, been up for donkey’s years, are suddenly not strong enough to support a few miserable Christmas lights? Yet I’m sure that’s what mate said.

Hmm… p’raps I’d best avoid the High Street in future. Knowing my luck the whole place will fall in on my head just as I’m passing through.

However, Council receives a few complaints about the absence of “festive spirit” along the High Street and reverses its decision. Well, partially anyway. And have a few lights strung up across the street.

All very strange.

Still a lot less than last year though. Dunno why they bothered really. Could have saved on the electricity… which all us ratepayers are paying for of course! Damn waste of money.

Anyway, High Street illuminations being absent from our photo collections of this year’s town centre decorations we decide to use the opportunity to grab a few. Photos that is, not decorations.



And finally end up in my favourite tobacconists, where we’re subjected to the customary (indeed, almost mandatory) abuse. Its why I like ’em so much.


All of which means that this little session was a bit of a bonus really.

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Occasional photographer; occasional writer/blogger; occasional activist; occasional computer-geek. Bit of a fool really.
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3 Responses to A bit of a bonus

  1. forkboy says:

    Ah, so the heaping on of abuse makes you happy. Must be why we get on so well 😉

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