Beer bottle labels #2

Remember the beer bottle label idea? Well, second week in and here’s this week’s additions.
Found another nifty one from the Wychwood Brewery (“Hobgoblin”), and (oh glee) one brewed practically next door, “Village Bike” from the Potton Brewery Co. (Potton’s a village about 12/15 miles from where I live.)
And they must surely know all connotations of the slang term “village bike”… surely? Heh heh.



The complete set (so far) on Flickr is here!

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6 Responses to Beer bottle labels #2

  1. I love them! You are making progress on this project while I am not moving on mine. (It would probably help if I were legal.) I love the candle in front of the top one, it creates a cool lighting effect.

  2. forkboy says:

    The village bike? How rude!

    (anyone got her number ‘andy?)

  3. fotdmike says:

    I was a bit anxious about the top one Maggie, concerned that the light would detract from the bottle.

    You’re not legal?!!! Oh shit… knowing what a dodgy character I am we prob’ly shouldn’t even be talking then! [Heh heh]

    Seriously though, in that case I hope the labels I can manage to dig up will be doubly interesting.


    And forkboy, s’pose you could always try phoning the Potton Brewery Company

  4. I’m close though. And remember the legal drinking age is higher here in the states then it is in the UK.

  5. fotdmike says:

    Ah, that’s ok then 😉

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