Dark clouds of misery

Even as I write an overwhelming sense of gloom pervades the house. Wandering from room to room disconsolately seeking out… ah, too soon to tell… something, dark clouds of misery are my constant companion.

Oh, what ails me so?

No new pics to upload! Why? Cos I’ve got a bloody cold, that’s why! That completely scuppered my photography-related plans for today.

Runny nose, sneezing, sniffles, the works.

Waiting for massive intake of Vitamin C to kick in, the disconsolate wandering from room to room occasioned by the need to find a wastebasket that isn’t already overflowing with used paper tissues. (S’pose I could empty them. But hey, I’m ill! And I can’t be expected to work when I’m ill, now can I?)

I hate colds. And what I particularly hate about this one is that it snuck up on me completely unannounced. There was I last night sat in front of the computer quietly minding my own business, feeling fine and planning today’s intended jaunt, when suddenly and without warning nose starts to tickle. Feel a sneeze come on and reach for the roll of tissues then, seemingly in the blink of an eyelid, the flood begins.

And now I feel like sh*t. Dammit!

Don’t feel much better having now indulged the bloke-type self-pity either.

I HATE colds!

About fotdmike

Occasional photographer; occasional writer/blogger; occasional activist; occasional computer-geek. Bit of a fool really.
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12 Responses to Dark clouds of misery

  1. forkboy says:

    A real photographer wouldn’t have let some nose dribblings and sneezing stop ’em. No sir. No way. 😉

    You could, as an alternative, photograph the overflowing bins? Not exactly Annie Leibovitz, but what the hell? You’re stuck at home…..the bins are there and their pictures could be treated to some fancy post-processing while you fester in the chair in front of the computer.

    Hope you get to feeling better.

  2. fotdmike says:

    Yeah, but then I’ve never aspired to be a real photographer (whatever that may be). Just a happy snapper, that’s me. Though not so happy at the mo’.

    Hmm… bins overflowing with soiled tissues eh? Now there’s a thought…

    Meanwhile, where the hell did I put that bottle to take the edge off my unmitigated suffering?


  3. LifeSpy says:

    You could at least photograph the tissues so we can determine if it is real flu or just man flu!

    Hope you get better soon

  4. fotdmike says:

    Flu? Flu?! I deliberately didn’t once use the word “flu”. There ya go again, twisting everything I say!
    Few things irritate me more than people who’ve got a cold claiming its ‘flu. Were it ‘flu I’d be flat on my back for three weeks at least, and in no fit state (or with the least inclination) to write blogposts.

    Nah… its a head cold pure and simple. But bloody depressing and annoying in equal measure for all that.

    Come to think of it, I seem to recollect that the last time I had a cold was after visiting you. Hmm…

  5. forkboy says:

    Maybe Darren can whack the snot right out of you with that trust pool cue?

  6. fotdmike says:

    Don’t even think of suggesting it to him. Knowing what an evil sod he is the very last thing I need is suggestions to him on tricks for perpetuating his campaign of how best to inflict further violence on poor li’l ol’ me!

  7. forkboy says:

    Damn your hide! I blame you for this….completely and utterly.

    I have a head cold.

    Truth be told, I’ve had one cooking for almost a week and it has finally been ‘served’.

    But I’m blaming you anyway!

  8. fotdmike says:

    If yours has been brewing for a week then clearly it preceded mine… which means you’re responsible! And your present suffering I just call poetic justice. Heh heh.

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  10. tam says:

    Okay, I woke up with a sore throat this morning and it’s just gotten worse throughout the day. I promise, I am NOT lying. However, I don’t believe i can blame either of you for it…i think it’s a result of last night’s party. We were outside in 30 degree weather, huddled around a campfire, drinking hot chocolate with peppermint schnapps. Oh, we were laughing, talking and singing…so yeah. I am surprised I am not hoarse yet. 🙂 Hope you BOTH feel better soon.

  11. fotdmike says:

    Well, fingers crossed cos it seems like I’m already on the mend. Food, loads of Vitamin C and liberal doses of the amber nectar seem to have done the trick.
    Dunno how the other one’s getting on… he seems strangely quiet at the mo’.
    As for you, well, outside partying in 30 degrees is just not wise. But peppermint schnapps and hot chocolate sounds a reasonable enough temptation.

  12. forkboy says:

    That’s cuz I’m clearly dying. Put in your requests for my camera kit so my wife will dole it out appropriately….

    (cough, cough, splutter)

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