Revitalised Bear sessions (or should that be beer sessions?)


As regular visitors here will know, I tend to shoot quite a lot of pics at The Bear pub in Bedford. For that matter, so does my mate… who happens to work there. Which partly accounts for the reason why we seem to have loads of damn shots of the place. So many in fact that a while ago we began to suspect its probably the most photographed pub in the town.

However, as said regular visitors will also know, one effect of this Bear-related photographic gluttony is that we’re both fast running out of things to shoot there, and even inspiration for same.

Well, sod ‘im is what I say… he can find his own inspiration. After all, he spends far more time there than do I. Despite possible appearances to the contrary.
Doesn’t solve my problem though.

But then a WP contact of mine did a blogpost about…guess what?

Beer bottle labels!

Quick as a flash I could see the potential with that, so promptly nicked the idea.
Oh, an entire vista of exciting new shots opened up before my mind’s eye. Wonderful! And just to make it a bit more interesting, I thought it’d be a good idea to try to concentrate on UK-brewed bottled beers. Or rather, the labels thereof.
Another motive for that being by way of a thankyou to the lass who’s idea I nicked cos I reasoned that, not being in the UK, it’d give her the opportunity to enjoy labels she may not otherwise see.

Um… slight snag…

The Bear doesn’t actually have all that many bottled beers brewed in the UK. Bugger.

So what seemed like something that would occupy huge wodges of the time I spend at that establishment has suddenly shrunk to, at best, probably no more than a half-dozen shots or so.
But the idea’s such a good one that I’ve now become quite engaged by it. Which means I’m gonna have to venture a bit further afield and probably end up buying bottles of beer. And that, in turn, probably means I shall have to drink them as well. Bugger again. How absolutely hellish for a dedicated whisky-drinker such as myself.

Oh, the trials I put myself through in pursuit of this photography caper.

Nevertheless, here Maggie, specially for you, are the first few shots to launch the new set, to which I’ll be trying to add at least one a week or so. For the time being anyway.

Enjoy 🙂




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7 Responses to Revitalised Bear sessions (or should that be beer sessions?)

  1. Your welcome for the idea and I am glad I could help. They all look great. I like the one with the three beers and then the wine list in the background.

  2. forkboy says:

    As soon as I saw your postings on Flickr I immediately thought about Maggie’s venture. Oh well, she doesn’t seem to mind that you nicked her idea. And that’s good because it really is a great idea. So much potential….beer, photographs, drinking….could be far worse you know.

  3. fotdmike says:

    Yeah… it could’ve been whisky bottle labels. Which of course I would have pursued assiduously. And that would have been really expensive!

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  5. tam says:

    These are great! Wychcraft is my favorite…imagine that. 😉

  6. fotdmike says:

    Pleased you like them Maggie 🙂

    The Light Ale is one of the Bear’s few stock lines of UK-brewed beers (as is the Newcastle Brown), but this is a relatively new label for the brew. Though the appearance is a bit bland I quite like the texture of it… a sort of vellum or hand-made paper type feel.
    They’ve also changed the shape of the bottle a bit, making it somewhat slimmer and (I think) a bit taller.
    Which introduces another dimension to this idea… that the photos would represent a sort of “historical record”!

    I think I’m really gonna enjoy following this theme through (particularly as I’ll get to sample a whole range of different beers that under normal circumstances I probably wouldn’t even consider trying!) and what I anticipate being the most challenging bit of the whole exercise is coming up with different compositions for the pics. After all, we can’t have them all looking the same now can we?

    I think, like Tam, my fave of this initial bunch is the Wychcraft one. Not just because of the name (though that helps) but I think its a really attractive and unusual label.
    As you probably already know, if you click on the pic you’ll get to the image on Flickr where, if you select the “all sizes” tab above the image you can see the larger version, showing all the text much more clearly.

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