Still Wednesday!

Onward then to what became the third part of Wednesday’s photo epic. And this is where it all started to go downhill.

Finally reaching Bedford’s town centre once more the camera gets stowed away, and once again I find myself firmly ensconced in the familiar surroundings of The Bear.

Now regular visitors to this little blog of mine (yep, I like to kid myself I do have regular visitors) will be well aware of the equation “me + Bear + mate at Bear = photos”. That is, the taking thereof.

But this Wednesday past? Huh. Somehow it looked like it wasn’t going to happen.
No new fittings; no new angles that we could find; even the flowers hadn’t been replaced! And frankly inspiration, or just interest, was almost completely lacking. Mate didn’t even manage to get his camera out! Oh, what times are these that we should find ourselves so lacking in the pic-taking urge.

Admittedly at one point, when mate and I had wandered into the back yard for a quick fag, he did point out to me some rather tasty sunbeams bouncing off the wall and even penetrating into the inner depths of the bar.
Just so my visit there wouldn’t be a complete washout picwise the camera gets hauled out once more and a few shots fired. The results of which I actually quite like, but oh so few!



And the tale hasn’t yet ended…

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4 Responses to Still Wednesday!

  1. I hate those days when I can never find anything to shot. I have taken about somewhere around 230 pictures of my campus for my yearbook and have almost exhausted my creative eye for my campus for the time being. And since that is the only place where I am these days, I’m almost lost for what I should take of.

    I’m glad you were able to find something to take a picture of. Light and the way it hits things are always a nice thing to play around with. The light makes the bottom picture a tiny bit eiry.

  2. forkboy says:

    Maybe the key is to not take pics at Stalag Bear for a while. Let it rest. Let it renew itself. Let your mind purge itself of the angles, colours, textures and such so that you can look at it with new eyes.

    Or…..maybe you should start shooting video and post that instead?


  3. fotdmike says:

    Video? Me? You gotta be joking! Coincidentally I’ve been invited to be photographer at an event next week and it was suggested I could shoot some video footage as well. Huh! Soon put a stop to that idea. Suggested I bring my videocam and he (the guy who invited me) does the video whilst I concentrate on stills. So that’s what’s gonna happen.

    Re the Bear… yeah forkboy, you could be right. On the other hand one can look on it as a challenge of sorts… how to break through the “unseeing barrier”. That is, trying to see things with a fresh eye or different perspective.

    And yes Maggie, I know exactly what you mean and sympathise entirely. Sometimes I find myself being reduced to thinking in terms of macros shots of stuff around the house. If I had a proper macro lens to do them with!

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