A day of parts


Photowise Wednesday was definitely a day of parts. Quite distinct and separate parts, practically sufficient to qualify as completely different sessions. Good parts. More good parts. And… um… “other” parts.

So I decided to indulge myself and blog about each of the significant parts separately.

The day kicked off mid-morning with a little session I’ve had in mind for a coupla weeks. Entailing a visit to a town named Kempston.

Kempston, Bedfordshire. A town seemingly joined at the hip to the county town of Bedford. For the visitor it can be difficult to tell where one town ends and the other begins!
In fact, when I first came to the area I wasn’t at all certain that Kempston actually qualified as a town in its own right! But apparently it does.

The day started out quite bright and sunny but gradually moved toward being overcast, such that at times it seriously looked as though it’d start to rain. Which had an interesting effect on the light. Which in turn had an even more interesting effect on the resulting pics.
In fact, so dramatic was this effect that I became quite captivated by it, and fascinated by the differences it was making to the pics. Almost on a moment-by-moment basis.

Without more ado then, some of the pics from that part of Wednesday…




The complete Kempston set is on Flickr here.

Actually, I say “complete” set, but its by no means complete. Basically I just wandered along the main road through the town (which changes from Bedford Road into the High Street at one point) and then became distracted by a fascinating little lane leading off the High Street.


Oh, and I also spent some time mooching around the town’s principal “green area”, the Addison Howard Park.


But there remain one or two other locations in the town that seem worthy of further exploration so no doubt there’ll be additions to the set at some point in the future.

To be continued…

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3 Responses to A day of parts

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  2. forkboy says:

    I see that I will have to venture forth to Flickr to fully engage myself in the bounty that has been provided by you, our humble narrator.

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