Dismal day

Wandered into town on a bill-paying expedition… an exercise not particularly designed to put me in a positive frame of mind right from the start.
Raining constantly so toyed with the idea of grabbing some daytime “rainy day in the town centre” shots to complement the evening ones of last week.
But parting with lumps of money did few favours to the marginal enthusiasm I’d had for the idea and mooching around the town looking for the “ideal location”, getting progressively colder and wetter, killed what little enthusiasm remained.

Nothing for it then but to head toward my “home away from home”, the Bear pub, and console myself with several mugs of coffee.

And purely to justify having lugged my camera kit around all over the place, well, I had to fire off a few mandatory “Bear shots”. Nothing terribly exciting though… fast running out of things to photograph there (just to add even further to my depression!).



However, things started looking a bit brighter on hooking up with another photo enthusiast whose recently joined the select ranks of my Flickr friends. So I amused myself for a while (before leaving for the trek home) by taking some shots of his camera.


Oh, I nearly forgot… as there seems to be a neat little photo enthusiasts’ clique beginning to congregate at that worthy establishment (the Bear, just as a reminder for those who can’t hold a thought in their head longer than two seconds) I suggested to the landlord that maybe he should think about forming a sort of “Bear Camera Club”. Must say, he didn’t seem too impressed by the idea though. Can’t imagine why!

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Occasional photographer; occasional writer/blogger; occasional activist; occasional computer-geek. Bit of a fool really.
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5 Responses to Dismal day

  1. forkboy says:

    Well, well, well…I can certainly understand how the parting of cash for anything other than great whisky or more camera kit would lead one to be depressed. But fear not my dear friend across the Great Pond because misery loves company.

    I too dragged out the camera today, but no inspiration was to be found anywhere. And then I had to rush to meet the wife at the doctor as she had become suddenly and majorly ill.

    But I’m so happy to read you have yet another Flickr mate with which to bond in the warm embrace that is Stalag Bear. And an Olympus user at that!

  2. fotdmike says:

    Yeah, generally bill-paying doesn’t really bother me (providing I’ve actually got the cash for them that is) but there are certain types of bills about which I’m hugely resentful… and this was one of them!

    Sorry to hear about the missus, particularly if she’s majorly ill. Best wishes to her.

    For years now its seemed to me that there are three areas of life in this materialistic society of ours that, when problems afflict them, can be totally undermining of everything else… (1) security of income, (2) security of abode, and (3) health, either one’s own or that of loved ones. So you both have my sympathy.

  3. Love the top photo. It nice that even though it is a macro, the slight background is out of focus which creates a nice contrast to the shrapness fo the foreground. Thats one nice camera.

  4. fotdmike says:

    Thanks Maggie. These were shot with the Samsung GX20, which I tend not to use too much cos the file sizes are huge and the RAM I’ve got on my “pic processing laptop” isn’t really sufficient to cope.
    I’ve also got the Samsung GX10 (the one which Samsung replaced with the 20) which has a lot of features in common with the 20, and is the one I use most of the time… cos I absolutely adore it!

    The lenses are of course interchangeable, so I simply swap them from one to the other.

  5. forkboy says:

    There he goes….bragging about his multiple cameras, interchangeable lenses, etc., etc.


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