At last, its happened!

It was only a question of time really I suppose, but it feels like I’ve been waiting for ages. For all the circumstances to be just right. And finally, today, they were.

Lemme explain…

There was I, in town. Early evening, but getting quite dark. Well, it would be, wouldn’t it? Its winter now. No tasks calling for my attention. Photo kit with me. Inevitably. And its raining!

I say again… its raining!

Wonderful! At last the opportunity for which I’ve been waiting ages. Shoppers scurrying by. Rain on pavement, reflecting shop lights. I’ve been so eager to try my hand at this type of shot you just wouldn’t believe.
And bonus… mate’s up for it as well.

So off we toddle, out into the wet winter evening to take on this next new challenge.

Couple of minor hitches. Firstly, although getting quite dark, and although there weren’t all that many pedestrians wandering around, I discovered it wasn’t really practical to use a tripod.
Mainly on account of the fact that we hadn’t brought one with us.

Nevertheless, we persevered. But the lack of a steady support served to emphasise the second little setback… which I only discovered pretty near the end of the session. That I’d somehow managed to accidentally switch off the anti-shake mechanism… without noticing. Bloody typical!

Consequently, trekking back home I was in a quite disconsolate mood anticipating that the entire session would have been wasted with not a single piccy to show for the effort.

But as its turned out I’ve managed to salvage something over a dozen that seem to be not too bad at all. Ok, not brilliant maybe, but passable.

And anyway, its all part of the learning experience!




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Occasional photographer; occasional writer/blogger; occasional activist; occasional computer-geek. Bit of a fool really.
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10 Responses to Finally!

  1. forkboy says:

    And to think that I carried around my new tripod the other day (for 3-hours!) during a photo op, but never used it!

    I’m really sorry to read about the image stabilization being off. There is little that is more infuriating than having a camera setting in the wrong position and that isn’t fixable in post-processing software.

    You must have some bad karma thing going on…..lens pens, lens caps, image stabilization, lack of tripod….something is up.

  2. fotdmike says:

    New tripod eh? Hmm. So what is it, and why haven’t we seen any pics of it?
    Must say you’ve been strangely quiet about the acquisition. Makes one wonder what other tasty bits of new kit you’ve ferreted away without saying anything. All very suspicious if you ask me.

    Not sure about the bad karma thing though. The image stabilisation’s easily explained. Falls into the category of “things I repeatedly fail to learn”… from which you can legitimately infer that I’m always forgetting to periodically check camera settings “in session” despite having been caught out so many times in the past with similar incidents.

    And the other things… well, I attribute that to a combination of age and an addled brain caused by over-indulgence in the hard stuff.
    Karma in a way I suppose.

  3. tam says:

    From what I saw earlier, I think the photos are great. I am going back to flickr and move through them a bit slower and really pay attention!

  4. forkboy says:

    Nothing really to say about the new tripod and head. The tripod is not made of carbon fibre, titanium or any other exotic metal/plastic. Plain ol aluminum……sorry….aluminium.

    My original tripod wasn’t very accurate and was really made more for video. Maybe I’ll snap a few pics and post them.

    And I haven’t purchased anything else….no dollars to do so!

  5. fotdmike says:

    Nowt wrong with ally… providing the build’s solid enough.

    As for money, well, that’s getting to be a dirty word around these parts. Before too long if someone mentions money to me I’ll be responding “Money, what’s that?”
    Hell, I’m even considering rationing my intake of the dizzy-making liquid!


  6. forkboy says:

    Well sir I’m pleased to report that my Manfrotto tripod and ball-head seem to be quiet robust and should satisfy my needs quite nicely. Granted they are no where near as interesting as your Slik Tipod, but I’ll just have to make do in my obscurity.

    What? What was that? Rationing your intake of the dizzy-inducing liquid refreshments? To use my phrase, “Perish the thought!”

  7. fotdmike says:

    Ah, Manfrotto… neat kit.

    And whaddya mean, “your” phrase? Its gotta be mine… I used it first.

  8. Kym says:

    What do you mean “salvaged?” These are beautiful–very crisp. The third one with the pedestrians especially makes me want to try shooting city shots in the rain.

  9. fotdmike says:

    Thanks Kym 🙂

    It just seemed to me that they aren’t quite as sharply in focus as they could have been had I remembered to check that anti-shake was actually switched on, particularly given the poor lighting conditions. Story of my life really!

    That said, doing the shots was really good fun and my mate and I had a whale of a time. The rain (and the lighting, provided only by the street lights and the shops windows) certainly gives an added dimension to things and otherwise fairly commonplace scenes were transformed into something quite interesting. I’d definitely encourage having a go at it.

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