Playing catch-up

No posts for the past few days cos I’ve been out and away “doing stuff”… about which I shall no doubt post in due course.


But before departing for points southward I did manage to upload a few more pics to Flickr, which session probably merits a few words.


This totally unanticipated session happened cos I went into town on Monday to collect a Skylight filter (for the new Sigma lens… see this post) that my mate had bought for me from a source significantly cheaper than my local camera supplies shop (like two-thirds cheaper!). And I really did want that filter before setting off on my imminent adventure.

And was greeted with some exciting news… yep, I was almost as excited as he!
Apparently he’d been woken real early in the morning by someone hammering on his front door. Seems a brand new camera he’d ordered had arrived!


A Pentax K200D, baby brother to the K20D which is of course the Pentax version of my own Samsung GX20.
Lovely camera it is too… I particularly like the “scenes mode” feature.
Of course, mate could hardly wait to get out there and have a play with it, and I’m always up for an impromptu photo session (naturally I had my own kit with me).

So, once he’d finished work off we scurry down to the river where he promptly started putting his new toy through its paces. Expect to see the results on his Flickr photostream at any moment! In fact, I’m surprised they’re not already up there. Hmm.

And I set about compiling a sort of mini “Autumn Collection”.



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One Response to Playing catch-up

  1. forkboy says:

    How very exciting that your mate has acquired new kit and that you are both out and about, enjoying the scenery that is Bedford and providing we, your adoring public, with same.

    We expect great things from you both and look forward to your sharing with us, again, your adoring fans, whatever it to which you have been up of late!

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