Coincidental noise


Mate of mine, knowing my fondness for Samsung dSLRs, asked me if I’d ever tested them (particularly the latest, the GX20) for noise at high ISOs.


More to the point, asks me if I’d mind testing for noise at high ISOs… and maybe share copies of the RAW files to be inspected at mate’s leisure (could it be that mate’s contemplating purchase of one of these marvellous cameras? Whoopee!)

Coincidence is a wonderful thing.

For, coincidentally, I’d been itching to see how the new laptop (see previous post) would perform in handling batches of the whopping great 23/24Mb RAW files that the GX20 churns out, and was looking for an excuse to drag it out of storage and have another little session with it.

So I ask myself “Well, what’re mates for?”… hoik the camera out, get it fired up and ready, and go for a little walkabout in the immediate environs.

Mate was particularly interested in performance at ISO 1600, so ended up with a batch of 124 shots… 62 shot at 1600, the other 62 (identical scenes, so 62 scenes each represented by a “pair” of pics) shot at 800 for comparison.
Filched the lens from the GX10 for the test (cos I think the GX20 kit lens has “issues”), which is a Schneider-Kreuznach D-Xenon f/3.5-5.6 18-55mm. Not brilliant, but its all I’ve got at the mo’ (apart from the 50-200 that is).

Anyway, job done, thought I’d upload a few samples from the session to Flickr, just in case anyone’s interested (all the ones I uploaded are in this set).
And just to clarify, whilst mate had copies of the original RAW files straight off-camera, the Flickr uploads have been “tweaked” slightly (exposure adjustment, bit of sharpening, tad of noise reduction) and of course optimised and converted to JPEGs.


Also, for anyone who’s interested, the 4Gb RAM laptop breezed through importing the entire batch into Lightroom without even stopping to catch breath. Brilliant. P’raps now I can start playing with the GX20 again. Even more brilliant!

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5 Responses to Coincidental noise

  1. forkboy says:

    I’m curious..typically folks shoot at the higher ISO because they have insufficient light for shooting at a lower ISO and still getting a reasonably lit shot. Should your batch of high ISO shots been shot in darker circumstances or do you believe that the noise at a higher ISO would be the same regardless of how well or poorly lit was the subject?

    And I thought the new laptop was for work-in-the-field? Sounds like you’re in love and can’t let go 😉

  2. fotdmike says:

    Yeah, that’s my understanding of higher ISO shooting as well… but you have to make do with what you’ve got. And what I had was a rather dull Monday morning. Sufficient for the purposes though, and by including a range of shades in the light spectrum the results were telling enough.
    The trick then is for mate to go out and shoot a series of shots at 800 and 1600 under similar lighting conditions with his (or her maybe! Heh heh) existing camera and then compare the resulting files.
    Then, if results merit it, we can go on to do some shots under more arduous lighting… when the opportunity arises and if mate requires it. Voila!

    New laptop? Well, who can resist playing with a new bit of kit.


    I have to say though, compared to my main Acer laptop the colour and resolution’s a bit crap. Do for “work in the field” as you so accurately put it (almost a little too accurately in fact!), but I wouldn’t want to be using it all the time for pic-editing.

  3. forkboy says:

    It really is nice of you to blaze a trail for your mate.

  4. fotdmike says:

    That’s cos I’m a really nice person. Which is why I have so much difficulty understanding why everyone should want to visit so much violence upon me.


  5. forkboy says:

    Because we love to love hurting you?

    What are friends/mates for after all?

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