A grey day

Wednesday. Grey day. Spent ages wandering around town asking the same lot of questions in numerous shops of the same type for a certain sort of gadget… which may or may not feature in a future post! [grin]

Still Wednesday. Still a grey day. The Bear. Recovering from my prolonged trek around town. Other folk must’ve been a bit depressed by the grey day as well for the pub was practically deserted. So mate and I find ourselves having a bit of a play with the cameras (surprise surprise).

I really wish we hadn’t bothered!

Could either of us take a decent shot? Could we hell! Couldn’t get the exposure right. Couldn’t get the focus right. Couldn’t get anything right. Absolutely nothing seemed to be working right. Depressing simply wasn’t the word. In fact, so bad was it that we both began to suspect that for some bizarre reason our cameras were malfunctioning.

Once I’d got back home and dumped everything onto the computer I did manage to salvage a few shots, but generally it was all pretty disappointing.



However, so disheartening was this little episode that we decided, once mate had finished work, to have a wander outside somewhere and take some photos. Anywhere. Any photos. Just somewhere outside in the daylight where we could prove to ourselves that both our cameras weren’t actually a write-off.

So we ventured into an area just east of the actual town centre previously little-explored by us. Known locally as Russell Park on account of the park named… er… Russell Park that sits between it and Bedford’s Embankment.

And though the lighting wasn’t brilliant we did manage to satisfy ourselves that the cameras were actually working properly. Huge sighs of relief.



But still, in all sorts of ways, a very grey day.

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Occasional photographer; occasional writer/blogger; occasional activist; occasional computer-geek. Bit of a fool really.
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6 Responses to A grey day

  1. forkboy says:

    Now that is so strange as I like grey days for shooting. Not that we’ve had any of late (must wait for fall and winter for that).

    I find the uniform nature of the light to be handy for certain types of photographs.

    But maybe it’s just that I have a grey personality.

    Regardless, I think it’s wonderful that you didn’t let the grey day dampen your enthusiasm!

  2. fotdmike says:

    Not so much enthusiasm as sheer bloody-mindedness.


  3. tam says:

    By looking at the photos you’ve posted, I wouldn’t have thought it a grey day, slightly overcast perhaps (hmm, maybe that’s what you meant).

    I like to shoot on overcast and grey days. The colours seem richer(to me). Of course, days like that, I tend to have lighting issues. I usually end up with 75 or so photos that are complete crap and 25 that are decent. 😉

  4. fotdmike says:

    Oh tell me about it Tam… I know that experience exactly. But yeah, generally the lighting’s very good for snapping pics. Seems more natural somehow.

    But it was definitely a grey day… in more ways than one!


  5. forkboy says:

    Oh there he goes again. Making cryptic statements and leaving us wondering what the blazes he’s talking about.


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