Bedford town centre works (sometimes)


Redevelopments in Bedford town centre. Bedford in good old England that is. About forty-odd miles or thereabouts north of London, for those who’re interested.

Pursuant to my intermittent (in other words, as the mood takes me) monitoring of happenings in Bedford town centre, about three weeks or so ago I noticed some sort of redevelopment being commenced in the town’s Church Square.

Known locally as Pigeon Square. And notorious as a favoured hangout for the town’s tramps, drunks and winos (and indeed those of a more reprobate nature).

Wasn’t so long ago that the local Council, in its infinite wisdom, had this area dug up for the installation of a “water feature”… called by common types like myself a fountain. And not a very inspiring one either.

In fact, at the time I speculated that perhaps it was really intended as a sort of open-air shower (washing facility) for the Square’s inhabitants. An observation so intriguing that it received a mention in the local rag!
The discovery that the local rag was checking out my blog came as a bit of a surprise too!

Anyway, today I decided it was about time I took a few pics of the work in progress… all in the name of documenting changes to the town of course.


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One Response to Bedford town centre works (sometimes)

  1. forkboy says:

    How cool to have your posting lifted by the local free press. They must have agreed with your interpretation of events.

    You would think Bedford would have also built little towel racks for the disenfranchised to dry their towels upon.

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