Spooky! (Alternative title: Product plug!)

My mate’s got a Canon point’n’shoot. I’ve got a Konica Minolta point’n’shoot. His takes AA dry cell batteries. So does mine. Up until a few months ago we were both using the bog-standard Energizer ones. Found them much better in fact than the much-praised Duracell ones.
I’d even tried the Energizer rechargeables, though they didn’t seem to last quite as long as the standard Energizers.

Then, a few months back, my mate switched to Energizer Lithium batteries. And after getting through the first batch started singing their praises. Reckoned they last twice, sometimes three times, as long as the standard ones (depending on usage of course).
And, after working his way through a few replacement sets, he continued to sing their praises.
Ok, they’re quite a bit more expensive than the standard ones… but worth every penny. So he says.

So I thought I’d give them a try.

With Climate Camp coming up (see this post) I started getting my camera kit ready. Make sure everything’s clean and working ok. Check I’ve got sufficient memory cards. Make sure all the batteries (the ones in the cameras and the spares) are fully charged.
Now a little while back I acquired a battery holder for the 400D which takes either a pair of the normal lithium ion rechargeables or half-a-dozen AA dry cells. Handy!
So, thinking this would be a good opportunity to put my mate’s claims to the test re the Energizer Lithiums (should the need arise), I decided to pack a few sets of them with my kit as well.

And whilst I was at it, thought it might be a good idea to replace the standard AAs in the Konica Minolta with the Lithiums. Not that the KM was coming with me to Camp, but as I was spending oodles on batteries anyway well, a coupla more sets wouldn’t make much difference.

Now these Lithiums come in packs of four. And the KM takes four at a time. So I bought two lots. One set to replace the batteries already in the camera and a spare set to pack in the camera case.

Now here at last I’ve reached the whole point of this convoluted post. For I didn’t actually put the spare batteries for the KM in the camera case. Just left them on the unused desk in the computer room. And went off to Camp.

Returning a week or so later, spent the following coupla days (in between processing mountains of pics) putting my kit away and getting everything back in order again. Part of which routine entailed repacking the rucksack that goes everywhere with me when I’m not carrying my camera kit. And in that rucksack lives the KM.

So, preparatory to bunging it back in the rucksack, grab the KM. Lens clean? Check. Memory card ok? Check. Batteries? Check. Spare batteries in case? Where the hell are the spare batteries? Oh yeah, they’re on the unused desk in the computer room.

Er… well, that’s where I thought they were. But not now seemingly.
Now I just hate misplacing things. It really bugs me. As my mates will testify. So a full-scale search of all the places they could possibly be within the house was mounted. No joy. Perhaps I mistakenly packed them in with my camera kit, I begin to think. So check that… thoroughly. No sign of them.

Another, unsuccessful, search of the house. By which time I’m beginning to think that maybe I didn’t get a spare set for the KM after all. And that indeed is the conclusion I finally settled on.

Then, last night, just as I was about to sit down in front of the computer desk, what’s that I see lurking beneath my chair?
Bugger me, its the spare set of Energizer Lithium batteries!

Now its inconceivable, given the type and placement of this chair, that I wouldn’t have spotted them lurking there on any of the numerous occasions I’ve gone to sit in it… had they been there!
The chair itself is one of those standard office-type chairs, though admittedly a rather comfy one (perhaps an “executive” model). Y’know the sort of thing… armed pedestal chair on four casters, swivels round, rocks back and forth slightly, goes up and down, eveything adjustable. The point being that the lower half is quite open. Not really possible for anything to be on the floor underneath and not be easily spotted. And since I’ve been back from Camp (just over three weeks now) I’ve been in and out of that chair cetainly tens, possibly hundreds, of times!

So what gives?


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7 Responses to Spooky! (Alternative title: Product plug!)

  1. Matt George says:

    Quite weird. What do you think happened? Other than the spooky part the photo is perfect for the story. 🙂

  2. fotdmike says:

    Hi Matt!

    Well, the obvious, rational and logical explanation is that the batteries had been under the seat all along and somehow or other I just hadn’t spotted them.
    But in my own mind I’m utterly convinced that wasn’t the case as I’m absolutely certain that at some point in the preceding three weeks I would have seen them.
    And if they’d been on the unused desk all the time (which runs in an “L” formation to the desk I work at) and had simply been knocked to the floor, why hadn’t I seen them there to begin with (on the desk, that is, which I’d thoroughly explored twice)?
    Yet, if my conviction is right, I can’t even begin to come up with an alternative explanation. Unless one starts entertaining some “supernatural” cause… and I’m extremely loathe to do that.

    Its a real stumper!

  3. tam says:

    wow! Spooky indeed.

    Hmm, up to 630 digital photos? I’ll keep that in mind. Christmas is coming up and someone may need some to go with her new camera. 🙂

  4. tam says:

    Ooops… one more thing. Does fotddarren not like his blog anymore? ha ha

  5. forkboy says:

    Oh, I think it is quite clear what has transpired. While you were out and about one recent afternoon (maybe the foggy day picture shoot) members of the Met paid your house a visit and took a look around. After all, you are clearly a thorn in their side.

    Careful not to disturb anything so as to give away their presence, they touched little and put anything they did touch back into place. But never let it be said they don’t have a sense of humour.

    As your photography is clearly what is getting you into trouble with the authorities, they thought it would be funny to move your batteries about.

    They have probably been coming back daily and changing their position each time, which explains why you didn’t notice them under the chair before.

    It’s either this explanation or you need glasses and to cut back on the whisky!


  6. fotdmike says:

    Well, they’d have to be fairly canny to get round the various “precautions” I’ve got and not give away the fact that they’d “visited”. And I really don’t think the Met are up to that!


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