So much for intentions (or lack of them)

Wednesday 27th August… I had absolutely no intention of taking any photographs today. Nothing planned. Nothing anticipated. Wander into town; mooch around; do some shopping; pop into the Bear… and chill!

Such complete disinterest in wielding the camera prompted by a number of factors. I’d just about reached the end of a fairly intense period of photo-related tasks. The weather was totally uninspiring… grey, overcast, drab and dreary. And, to cap it all, I’d finally managed to track down a batch of Climate Camp pics that had somehow gone astray… meaning another round of selecting/processing/uploading within the not-too-distant future.


So, there I was, waiting at the stop for the bus to arrive and carry me into town when I hear the sound of an approaching siren. Hmm. Dunno what it is, what its for, what its about, but might be interesting.
And quickly whip out the camera (well, despite my lack of intentions inevitably I had my camera backpack with me… after all, you never know). Within seconds a Fire Service vehicle comes belting around the bend… straight into my viewfinder!
A totally inconsequential shot maybe but I was quite pleased nevertheless… if for no other reason than my presence of mind.


Camera away. Bus arrives. Jump on. Head into town.

Bus station. Wander into a couple of nasty bill-paying type places, then amble on to the Bear. And there, on the High Street, another Fire Service vehicle! Wow! Two in one day! The coincidence and opportunity was just too good to miss (even though the vehicle/crew didn’t seem to be doing much at all), so fire off another shot.


Finally, the Bear! But I ask you… how long do you seriously expect matey (matey at the Bear that is, the ill-fated fotddarren… ill-fated cos he knows me! Heh heh) and I to be rabbiting away to each other before the good old pic-taking kit comes out and we start messing around.
Alas, the lighting therein was particularly abyssmal today… no doubt on account of the fact that there was absolutely no sunshine coming through the windows at all. So all the messing-around shots we did were virtually unusable. But we then repaired outside and, though I say it myself, I ended up with a coupla shots that I actually find quite pleasing.

_G200817 _G200796

During the course of all this messing around we started chatting to a mutual acquaintance (a Bear customer, naturally) who happened to mention that the John Howard statue along the High Street a bit is well worth looking at… particularly the ornamental base which possesses some interesting features. Might be worth a shot or two.

Matey finishes work and the three of us (matey, his girlfriend, and yours truly) set off on the regular weekly mile or so trek to our favoured supermarket for the week’s supplies, stopping en route at the aforementioned statue.

Now normally about this sort of time (early evening) the Wednesday market is still being packed up and cleared away but today, bizarrely, it had all gone. Not a soul around!
Well, despite the crap lighting the opportunity was too good to miss, so out come the cameras and click, click, click.
It has to be said, the pics in this particular set aren’t terribly inspiring. Getting decent shots of statues at the best of times can be a bit of a challenge, and this certainly wasn’t the best of times. But I came out of it with a handful of moderately reasonable ones, and one particularly that seems to me to be quite dramatic.


The final shot of the day (same location, but not of the statue) also turned out to be one I find rather pleasing.


And so much for lack of intentions… or the intention to not take any pics today!

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5 Responses to So much for intentions (or lack of them)

  1. forkboy says:

    I hate you 😉

    I go out with the intention to get shots and return to grandma’s with none.

    You go out not intending to shoot and return home with pics of note and merit.

    Did I mention I hate you?


  2. fotdmike says:

    Heh heh… as for hating me, you’ll just have to join the queue!


  3. tam says:

    And there I was starting to believe I was the only one he hated. Welcome to my world! 😛

  4. fotdmike says:

    Well clearly he’s just got a big grudge against everyone Tam. Nothing that a good dose of the pool cue wouldn’t sort out though.


  5. forkboy says:

    Or a nice slap across the face. No. Make that across the bum!

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