Samsung GX20 colour test #1 and #2

Clearly there’s some sort of colour issue going on with the GX20, as was revealed by yesterday’s “play shots”.

Well, nothing like the present for starting to tackle this issue, so went out early this morning (bright and sunny) to do a few test shots, concentrating for the purposes of this particular session on the “colour tone” feature of the camera.

I took each shot nine times, corresponding to the available presets in the colour tone setting… standard, red, magenta, blue, cyan, green, yellow, warm, and cool.

However, to avoid totally boring visitors to my Flickr page I’ve only uploaded the first of each series (the “standard” or default colour tone setting).

Other relevant info…

White Balance at the “daylight” setting
Auto ISO
Aperture Priority mode
AdobeRGB colourspace
RAW format

In the pre-shoot “Picture Wizard” settings Saturation was set to +1, Contrast 0 and Sharpness +1

(Theoretically of course when shooting in RAW mode settings such as White Balance, Contrast, Saturation and Sharpness aren’t actually applied to the image, although the information’s saved for when the file’s converted to JPEG (which isn’t strictly true re the white balance… as I discovered on a shoot a few weeks back!). This raises the interesting question of whether or not Lightroom actually reads this data or should one in fact just use the Samsung Raw Converter program that comes with the camera? I sense more experimentation afoot.)

Imported the shots into Lightroom then, with no post processing whatsoever, exported to JPEG at reduced size for web useage (but at 100% quality), also converting to sRGB colourspace.

Comments/observations invited.

(One positive thing that did emerge from this session was that my concerns re detail resolution have been somewhat laid to rest… for the moment!)

_G200080 _G200089

_G200071 _G200061


And here are exactly the same shots, but “tweaked” (post-processed). Basically upped the exposure a tad and increased the vibrancy quite substantially…

_G200080 _G200089

_G200071 _G200061


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2 Responses to Samsung GX20 colour test #1 and #2

  1. forkboy says:

    “Tweaked”? Surely you jest 😉

    I’m happy to read that you think the issue of detail may be no longer, but I still wonder if you aren’t getting less detail (and dynamic range, etc.) because of the change in sensor size and megapixels between the 10 and 20?

    And I hadn’t really thought much about the EXIF data that comes over from the camera in relationship to RAW images. I’m glad you mentioned such as it provided food for thought at my end.

  2. fotdmike says:

    Re the question of detail and dynamic range, have answered this in comments in the previous posts.

    Its not the exif data per se that you want to be thinking about, but how a given app reads or “interprets” the RAW file in rendering an image.

    One test I have yet still to perform is to shoot in JPEG and see what that looks like straight off-camera. I have a sneaking suspicion they’ll be just fine.

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