Bit of a mixed bag!

For some time now I’ve been promising myself a visit (purely for photography purposes of course!) to the hamlet of Harrowden, sort of just south-eastish of Bedford.

Well, today (um… yesterday now) was a brilliantly sunny day… so I had no intention of going out too soon cos it would simply be far too bright for any decent shots.
But, as luck would have it, had to wait in for the guy to come to fit the water meter (see this post), scheduled for late morning or afternoon.

“Super”, thinks I, “by the time he’s been and gone the day’ll be getting on and it could well be late afternoon before I get out. Ooh, lovely lighting!”

Hmm. Alas, for a plumber this guy (well guys actually, cos there were two of them) was amazingly efficient (pleasant too, but that’s by the by) and reported “job done” a lot sooner than I’d anticipated.

So, after the mandatory three or four cups of coffee I set out on the trek to Harrowden.

And nearly cursed myself for wasting time. For, put simply, there’s not a lot there!

One road (which ends up at a farm, guarded by some rather boisterous Rottweillers), a handful of houses, a pub… and that’s it. And very little out of any of it that really caught my eye.


Anyhow, purely for form’s sake I started brandishing the camera (couldn’t even be bothered to get the long lens out, so stuck with the GX10) and fired off a few shots here and there of what seemed to be, or possibly could be, mildly interesting views.
In fact, the most picture-worthy location was at the very start where, right on the corner of the road leading to Harrowden, was an absolutely gorgeous thatched cottage.


Thinking about it afterwards, what I should have done was knocked on the door and enquired whether the residents thereof minded if I spent an hour or so recording their beautiful home for posterity.
But I didn’t. So merely got a couple of shots in passing as it were. Shame!

Well, having virtually exhausted the potential that Harrowden seemed to offer, I changed direction and started wandering toward the next village along, Cardington (location for some totally abysmal shots a few months back).
Didn’t go very far in that direction though, but still managed to bag a handful of, even though I say it myself, quite nice pics.


Hmm. Things are looking up!

So having ponced around there for a half-hour or so, and with little inclination to do much else, pointed my feet in the direction of the homeward trek.
But along the way various things seemed to keep on popping out at me.


The high point of the session was when I reached the village of Shortstown (a place I tend to avoid as it has, um, a “bit of a reputation”). Which is a shame cos there’s a particular building there that I’ve been itching to snap for ages.

Well, today (or rather, yesterday) I did! The old Air Force barracks adjoining Cardington Hangars. An amazing building that, over the years, has fallen into a state of increasing disrepair (bit like my home really!).
Which is a shame cos its actually quite an impressive structure and, since its “decommissioning”, could easily have been converted into, um, something.
Yet now, so rumour has it, they’re gonna pull it down.


Pictorial record for historical interest captured (at long last, and to my immense satisfaction) the wander onward continues. As does the snapping. Of various sundry things…

Coupla shots to add to the Cardington Hangars set; an “infrastructure” shot (just to give a certain person who shall remain nameless something to chuckle over/choke on whilst eating dinner); a handful of “hedgerow” shots, and… oh… that was about it.


Nevertheless, on balance it proved to be a very satisfactory, albeit rather mixed, session.
So it seems that once again despite the unpromising start Lady Fortune decided to smile upon me, for which I am most grateful.

And a final note… all the shots in this session were done using a polarising filter to help in reducing the glare from the really bright sunshine, and bring out the richness of the colours (more successfully some times than others).

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7 Responses to Bit of a mixed bag!

  1. tam says:

    I am thankful for all the photos you take of your country. AND, I am thankful you share said photos. England is truly a beautiful country and more importantly, very beautiful through your view finder.

  2. fotdmike says:

    I love looking at photos of other places… places I’ll probably never see in “real life”. And it doesn’t have to be the standard “beauty spots” or whatever… just normal scenes that capture the “flavour” of a place.

    So, in turn, that’s what I try to do as well. Just ordinary things that happen to catch my attention. Very often stuff that most people would take for granted. But I’m always so conscious that what I may take for granted a stranger to the place may find of absorbing interest.

    I think that’s one of the reasons I do so many shots of “weeds”. The usual horticultural “beauty” tends not to catch my eye anywhere near as often as the indigenous wild flowers and stuff which, though common as dirt over here, may seem quite unusual and captivating to someone not accustomed to seeing them.

  3. forkboy says:

    Heavens. This posting sounds not unlike many of mine; where things simply go awry. However, and as you state, things did turn round some for you and, if nothing else, you did get to enjoy a day out in the sunshine.

    It is nice that we are able to share pics of each others world. I feel I know Bedford better than I know my town of Dayton.

  4. fotdmike says:

    Now that’s a weird coincidence, cos I feel I know Bedford better than Dayton too! You’re gonna have to remedy that!


  5. fotdmike says:

    And now you come to mention it forkboy, yeah, I can see the similarity. Sort of reminiscent of your covered bridge adventure.

  6. forkboy says:

    Spot on, sir!

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